All Day

Brooke and her best friend Lizzy are moving to a different school, house, and different friends,they are both shy at first but will they get to know someone soon and become good friends with them or even date them?theres Cody,Nathan,Catherine,Natalie,Alexis,Andrew,Selena,Taylor S,Justin,Austin,Liam.
6 guys
which will brooke and Lizzy chose?


3. Moving

Lizzy's pov: "Brook I'm kinda nervous about moving what if people don't like us and they bully us?" I said quietly as I packed my suit case "it's going to be ok Lizzy and if they try to bully us Michael will beat the shit out of them" I giggled a bit Michael is our older brother he's 18 he always treated me good and was protective of us so yeah "girls the moving truck is here leave a pair of shoes shirt pants or anything you need for tomorrow" said Michael as he walked in "ok" we said "Michael can I tell you something?" I asked "yeah sure what's up"he asked a little worked "what if some one starts bullying me?" I asked scared "you wanna know what's gonna happen? If its a girl I will tell her to back off and if it is a boy I will beat the shit out of them simple as that" he said making me giggle "ok well can you take my bags down to the truck oh and thanks bro" I said "ok and no problem" he said I gave him a hug and handed him my suitcases and he carried them down stairs  " Brookie give Michael your bags he's going to the truck" I told her "coming!" She said almost running she handed her bags to Michael and he took them down stairs I went and took a shower and changed into my pjs and so did Brook then we laid in our beds and went to sleep ~The Next Day~ I woke up screaming having the same nightmare as always every day scince my parents died I've hade the same nightmare mom hurried to my room "It's ok Lizzy don't worry" said mom I was breathing deep and fast I got up hugged my mom and cried on her chest "shhhhhhh it's ok honey" she said "thank you now I'm going to take a shower" I said as I steped away and got my cloths and changed into I took a shower and changed into dark blue skinny jeans and a purple shirt I left my hair to air dry got my back pack it's 4:00 something odd is that my nightmare always wakes me up at 3:00 am I yelled at Brook to wake up "Brook wake up its time to get ready for school!" She got up and took a shower and changed into white skinny jeans and a blue shirt got her backpack and we headed  out the door my mom dad Michael Brook and I got into our own cars and took them to the new house and Brook Michael and I headed to our new school we went to our classroom as the bell rang I stepped in "hello class we have a new student today and her name is Lizzy" he announced as he looked at me I waved and tried to hide my face in my hair "have a seat in between Nathan and Liam he pointed to a empty seat I went and sat to were he assigned "hi I'm Nathan" said a boy with eyes like mine "Hi I'm Lizzy" I said shyly "and I'm Liam" said the boy to my right "Lizzy" and I shook both their hands and the class carried on

Brook's pov: I walked my way to my locker and to my right was a boy with blond hair he was kinda cute I taped his shoulder "uhm do you happen to know where the math room is at?" I asked quietly he looked up "yeah uhm you CNN go with me I'm headed there too" he said I smiled "thank you" as we steped in the bell rang "Quite down everybody and let's welcome our newest member Brook" e he said everyone stares at me I wave "take a seat right next to Cody and Justin" he said pointing to the empty seat 


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