All Day

Brooke and her best friend Lizzy are moving to a different school, house, and different friends,they are both shy at first but will they get to know someone soon and become good friends with them or even date them?theres Cody,Nathan,Catherine,Natalie,Alexis,Andrew,Selena,Taylor S,Justin,Austin,Liam.
6 guys
which will brooke and Lizzy chose?


1. Meet Lizzy

Hello my name is Lizzy I live in Australia with my best friend Brooke we are both moving soon my parents left me when I was only five Brooke and her parents decided to adopt me so me and Brooke are mostly kinda sisters but we just say we are bff's anyway I'm 16 I have emerold green eyes and long straight brown hair  I'm about 5'6 and I like playing football aka soccer and I like playing my guitar and drums and I also enjoy singing well there isn't much more to tell here so bye! (Btw I'm wearing contacts so my eyes look brown but there're not)

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