All Day

Brooke and her best friend Lizzy are moving to a different school, house, and different friends,they are both shy at first but will they get to know someone soon and become good friends with them or even date them?theres Cody,Nathan,Catherine,Natalie,Alexis,Andrew,Selena,Taylor S,Justin,Austin,Liam.
6 guys
which will brooke and Lizzy chose?


2. Meet Brooke

Hey,i'm Brooke,A.K.A Lizzy's Best Friend Forever but most likely,'Sister'.i'm 15,a year younger than Lizzy,Australian.I play Football (soccer),cheer,vollyball,and just love to hang!alright,i have long straight hair,Dark brown eyes (they're cute tho ;) ),i'm 5'3.i don't sing much but you can say i'm shy.i love to play (acoustic) guitar,me and lizzy have many stuff in common.Me and Lizzy are moving,have no idea where or when,we're moving because my dad got a HUGE promotion and so we have to move :/....that's pretty much it,Bye! :D

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