A young girl. No one really. But thats about to change, When she stupidly enters a drama club is she about to be the lead? Or the undercover? And what will everyone think of shy little Maddie going for the top???

A funny quirky lighthearted story, With some tears along the way! It is all fiction but some part of it i want to be true one day...

Please read comment and like , Im gonna do the first chapter and if ya'll like i will write more! And PLEASE become a fan! I become yours strait back! :) xxx
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1. The Awful Audition

I pushed the shiny wooden door only half way open. Peering through the crack i could see hundreds of people crowding round a small set up stage. Oh God! I thought as the butterflys flutterd about in my stomach. Just turn around. Walk away. I told myself outloud like a nutter. This was a stupid idea Maddie WHAT were you thinking?


"Pardon Dear?"

A freindly yet annoying ladys voice rang in my ear.


"Errrr nothing i mean i have the wrong hall..."

"There is only one hall Dearie" OH DAMN IT

"Well i umm"

"Your here for the Audition i presume?" The lady smilied kindly but i gave her a death glare.

"Yes" I said before i could stop myself NO NO NO! But yes i said outloud.

"Come along dear,We dont have all day" The lady linked arms with me, Lol back to primary school, And frog marched me all the way to the long queue of anxious kids shuffling their feet and gazing up at the stage.


There was a girl. Dressed in midnight blue silk. She was on her knees her head bent over another person,This was a boy. He looked as pale as a ghost and was as still as a stature. The girl's tragic sobs rang out to the very back of hall...

"Please dont die,You cant! I need you, Jake!"

The lights dimmed. And she screamed a horrible heart wrenching scream. And in the dim of the remaining lights, She picked up a wooden dagger, Held it up to the Audience and plunged it strait into her chest. Death met her quickly and she fell to the floor her arm dropping the bloodied dagger...


The whole Audience was silent. It was so real i could feel people axiousity and fear that the beautiful girl had attualy killed herself. But seconds later she rose to her feet like a magical goddess, The boy followed. They both bowed low and then glided towards the stage steps.


I Could never do that. EVER. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?


It was only when i heard the sharp horrid laughter that i KNEW that i had to get out of there.

"Oh My! Look who it is"

I looked up and met cruel eyes, Shit, Floor open up and eat me! I willed it to happen but of cause nothing did. I sliently begged the floor to suddenly have a fancy for brunette flavouring, But nothing happend...

"We didnt exspect YOU to turn up, Did we babes?" She wasnt talking to me with that last sarcastic question she was talking to her minions. Like seriously no joke. Her slaves best fit the description. They were her so called "Freinds" but any old person could clearly see that they were simply petrifyed of her. As am i, Of cause.

Let me introduce you guys.

Firstly there is Gabby, Short for Gabriella. She is the pack leader (Lol i love animal books) No but really im not even joking she could tell them to jump of a bridge and they would.

Second meet Vivvie. Short for Viviana. She ia gabby's second  she gets a little bit more respect. But still her slave. She's horrid and really ugly i mean GOD no wonder she doesnt own a mirror...

And last but Oh no not least! Marthy. Short for Martha. I mean were her parents mental heads? I think so considering they made her...


Gabby poked me hard in the shoulder. She had those stupid fake tacky red nails on that look like a tramp wouldnt even use them to pick a scab. I mean REALLY tacky. Although catch me saying this to her face...A dead body you shall see.


"You REALLY think you'll good enough for this"  Mocked Gabby  " I mean that would be like Vivvie being good at pulling hot boys!"


She roared with laughter and Marthy Joined in. Vivvie didnt look attal happy though in fact she had gone a nice pleasing shade of Red, I didnt feel any bit of sympathy for that little stupid coniving piece of...Oh! Sorry! .... But we do have  history you know.

"Well babex its so true!" Gabby grinned showing her pearly white teeth... All the better to bite you with...

Marthy knew to go along with it. NO ONE and i mean NO ONE contradicts the one and only Gabby Tropia.

"I Guess" Mathy mumbled, Her normanly livley (When she's tearing the mick out of someone) blue eyes were looking down. As they say never get eye contact with a bull; It will ATTACK


... Opps.... Eye contact....

"What you looking at weirdo?" Demanded Gabby

Dont say anything look away....

"Oi! Are you deaf or just thick? Im talking to you!" She lent over and pinched my ear hard while yelling into it.

Of Cause your talking to me , I thought bitterly. Who ELSE would you be talking to? .... Of cause catch me saying that to her face.... Well you know the rest.


"Maddie O'Sullivan?"


"Have fun!, And good luck...Ya need it! Gabby yelled

"Yeah break a leg Wabby!" Marthy mocked

"Literaly" Vivvie smirked


I Walked stiffly up the steps. Three stern people were looking at me in interest. I slowly turned around to face at first what could have been my chance for everything now.... It was my NIGHTMARE 













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