The Summerland

The Summerlands is a name used in pagan and Wiccan religion to refer to their concept of the afterlife. I'm not a pagan or a Wiccan, but I like the name, so that sort of inspired this poem.


1. The Summerland

In life, I've found that there are times

When pain, frustration, anger, wrath,

Are strong within my troubled heart

And boulders seem to block my path.


I've found that there are times when, in

The solitude of a lonely night,

I'm overcome by doubt and fear.

And life is dark. And there is no light.


It seems to me, at times like this,

That I am floating on an endless sea

Of stormy winds and vicious waves.

The stars are black. I cannot see.


Yet, in the midst of raging storms,

I sometimes see a misty dawn,

So faint that I must focus hard

Or else I'm left alone, forlorn.


And in the light of this faint dawn,

I sometimes see, at length, a shore -

A country greener, fairer far

Than any I have seen before.


And then, borne on by growing hope,

I make my way toward the land

Where all seems peaceful, all seems calm.

I set my foot upon the sand


And I am filled with joy, and peace,

And love that calms my troubled mind.

In place of doubt, I find delight.

I leave my terrors far behind.


The land is green, the streams are clear,

And there are people there as well.

And they wear happy, cheerful faces,

And live in kindness in the dell.


And so it is that, when the night

Of bleakness binds me with its bands,

I simply swim towards the dawn,

And rest a while in the Summerland.


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