The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


2. The Mall And Toilets


As I get Up From My Purple Single Bed. I get up And Decide to take a shower. So I grab a cute pink shirt, black jeans and undergarments. I get into the shower, strip down and get into the shower and quick rinse myself. i get out of the shower with the towel just covering from my chest to my knees and brush my teeth. I finish brushing my teeth and change into the clothes I have chosen. I change and suddenly hear a "BEEP" from my bad Nokia phone and its from Tiff (Tiffany)


T= "Hey Girl, Wanna Come To The Mall And Shop Til We Drop"

C= "Yeah Sure, Come By My House in 20mins."


So I run to put make up on. Just A Little Mascara and eyeliner. Grab My Black Vans and Blue Cardigan And Run downstairs and go to the kitchen and only see mum, I Dont See The Mandy And Sandy Because They Always Sleep In The Lazys. And Well Dads Not Here Beacause He's Working Obviously


So I kiss my mum good morning and grab a spoon,milk, bowl and cornflakes. Tiffany was coming any minute so i rushed eating cornflakes. I was eating the cornflakes too fast everything was going everywhere. Mum was looking at me like im a MANIC. Then I heard a "BEEP BEEP." I kiss Mum Goodbye


I put my cardigan on, grabbed my wallet and NOKIA Phone And Leave The House And I See Tiffany And Also Carly. YAY! I wave HI To Them Both And enter Tiffanys Jeep. I Got into The Jeep And Drove Out The Drive way Carly Turned On The Radio And It Played "What Makes You Beautiful"

"Ugh , Ewwww " I thought, so I sad there depressed because guess what the people who sing that are ,my high school bullys. Anyways While we were driving Tiffany And Carly Were Singing Loudly The Streets And Other Drivers Heard Them And started blocking there ears telling them off but they kept singing. As They Were Singing We Drove Past These Men Facing There Back To us And When They Heard Them They Turn around And it was Louis,Liam,Harry,Niall and Zayn.


"Why Is This Happening To Me WHYY?" I thought.


As We Drove Past Them They were giving me the dirtys so I gave them the dirtys. And so we continued driving until we reached the Mall. We Parked The Car And Got Into The Mall.


We Went into A Few Shops And I Needed To Go To The Toilet So I walked Into The Toilet And As I Went To Open The Door And entered and as i was walking around finding a clean toilet I bumped into someone.... But Who Was It ???


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