The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


4. School Bus !!!

I Wake Up And Its Sunday Soo Same Old Same Old I Sleep Again And I'm Woken By My Alarm At 7:00am. I Get Up Take A Shower Brush My Teeth, Change In to My Black And Green Sweater, Black Vans And Blue Jeans. I Get Out Of My Room And Prepare For School. I Kiss My Mum Good Morning, Eat Nutella Toast This Time And Leave Home.


Obviously The Twins Wouldnt Come To School Because Apparently They Are Sick. Yeah Sick On Facebook. Well I Walk To My Bustop And Its Only Two Minutes Away So When I Get There The Bus Is Only Six Blocks Away. So I texted Tiff And Carly. \


C= Are You On The Bus?

T=Yeah My jeep Broke So I'm Catching The Bus Today I'm In The Back See You Soon!!!

C= Ok See You Soon.


The Bus Arrives At My Stop. The Bus Door Creaks As It opens And I Step In To See Tiff , Carly Tony From Science , Jenifer from Sport And Some Other Randoms. Then I Notice The MONSTERS Sitting Two Rows Away From Tiff And Carly. So I walk towards The Back As I Hear Laughing And Paper Balls Thrown At Me. I Just Want To Throw A Brick At There Face. One Day I will Stand Up To Them. So I Walk To Tiff And Carly And i Was Near The Boys So I Was So Close To Tiff And Carly, I nearly walked past the boys BUT the bus stopped so fast i fell to the right. And Guess Who I Landed On???

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