The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


11. OhEmgee !!!!!!!!

I Turned Around To Find Out Who Tapped Me And


Niall Lips Was On mine OH MYY GOODNESSSS.


Niall Kissed Me EWWWWW

So I Slapped Him In The Face Walking Away Giving Him The Biggest dirtys And He Was Smirking At Me , And Winked At Me


Ughh I Ran Up Stairs To My Room And Changed Into My PJ'S And Went To Sleep While Thinking Why Niall Did That.




I Wake Up By The Sound Of My Alarm At 7:00am I wake Up Take A Quick Shower And Change Into My Red And White Dress That Was Just Above My Knees And Wore White Converse. I Think I Liked What I Was Wearing But I Think I'd Get Teased But I Didnt Care. So I walked down staires hearing noise downstairs. I walked Into The Kitchen Seeing The Twins In The Kitchen Eating Breakfast I Was Soo Suprised But Didnt Worry. So I Sat down with the twins and mum was cooking eggs so i was waiting for my plate to be plated. In 2 minutes, Mum gave me the eggs on the plate I sculled It Down My Throat And Drank My Juice. I Ran Outside Grabbing My Wallet,Black Cardigan, And School Stuff.

 The Bus Was Right There And I Ran , And Luckily Made It. I Saw Tiff ANd Carly, It Was Really Fun But The Boys were There. I Got To The Back Of the Bus And Was Relived That Incident Didnt Happen Before But All The Boys Looked At Me Except Niall He Was Looking Sad I Dont Know Why?

But I Didnt Care.

Zayn,Louis,Liam And Harry Looked At Me Yelling Mean Things To Me.


Zayn Said "Hey Ugly Why Are You Here No One Likes You"

Harry Said "Yeah You Feral, Get Lost"

Liam Also Says "hahaha YOU HAVE NO LIFE"

Louis Just LAUGHS LOUD Enough To Make Me Cry To Tiff And Carlys Arms

They Were Comforting Me And Saying Nice Things To Make Me Think Of Something Else.


Nialls POV

I Felt So Bad Seeing Cindy Get Yelled And Teased And Then Seeing Her Cry.

I Dont Know Why I Tease Her I Think It Started From That Day.


So That Day I Was Talking About Well It Was A Saturday And I Really Liked Her. So That Night Me And The Boys Were Just Watching "Toy Story"

Liam Loves Those Movies. Anyways I Was Going To Tell Them I Had Feelings For Cindy. I Started Of By Saying "Hey Guys Do You Know That Cindy Chick In Our Class"


They All Said Yeah I hATE Her, Shes Soo Annoying And Disgusting.


I Looked Surprised And Then I SAID.....

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