The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


10. My Back Hurts :(

As I See His Face I Denie His Offer And Continue Walking.


But he disagrees and says "No I did That To You And Now I'M Going Help you"


So He Gently Takes Me From Behind, Guiding Me To the Car And I Sit In The Car Awkwardly. He Closes My Door And Enters Through The Drivers Seat And Turns On The Engine And Radio.

It Plays One Of His Songs "More Than This"


He's Singing Word By Word. And Smirking Looking At Me. After The Song Finshes He Says To Me "Hey Cindy Im Really Sorry For What I Did"

Then I Reply "Yeah Ok"

Then We Sit There Silently After That. "Awakwarddddd " I thought

He Finally Gets To My house And Opens The Door  I Say "Thank You" And He Opens My house Door For Me It was About 8:30pm And Im So Tired, but before i left to go inside Someone Tapped My Shoulder And Before I Know It


Something happened ........

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