The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


5. First Day Of School!

It was...

Niall Horan ?

As I fell On His Lap! He smiles at me and I Give him the biggest dirtys All The Boys look At Him And So He Pushes Me Off His Lap And Say

"Get Off Me Ugly"

I Just Want to Hit Him.


Anyways As He Pushed Me away I Was Kinda Unbalanced Then quickly ran to Tiff And Carly.



Carly Asked "What Just Happened"

"Don't Worry About It" I replied.


So The bus was not long to get to school. Just about 15mins. So Time Flew By Just Looking out The Window.  And We Had To Get Out. so We Did. We all exited and decided to sit at a picnic table near the canteen of the school. Well we just sat and talked about girly stuff. So The bell rings for us to go to out First Class. but So I Had P.E (Sport). So Tiff And Carly Aren't In my Class So I Have no One to Talk To Only Jennifer from the bus. So We Get changed into sport Uniform. And Well since its first day back all the P.E classes are mixed around so My Class Was Mixed With Another P.E Class And It Had To be The Monsters Class. Everything Bad Is Happening To Me. So As I Walked out of the change room everyone's staring at me. So I Just ignore them and   Wait for out teacher to tell what we are doing today.




"Ok guess Today We Are playing Dodge Ball, Girls Vs Boys. " Miss Says


Eveyone Cheers Except Girls Because We Are Going To Die.

So The Game Starts From Miss' whistle being blown and everyone is running and grabbing the balls an throwing it at each other. While Im Just standing Dodging the balls Because I would destroy the boys. So I Watch As The Girls Get Smashed,And it's me Left. Me Left And there was only five boys Left And It Was the MONSTERS. They were smirking and standing the way the always do, Harry zayn Louis Liam and Niall but Louis was more at The front the. Zayn and Liam right behind him on the side and then Harry and Niall at the back on the sides. So As I was LookingAll Of them They were Give Me Dirtys And Then I saw Niall Wink At Me


Why does me Keep doing that?


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