The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....


6. Dodge Ball ⚽

So I looked at evilly and surprised on Why Niall Did That. But I Didn't care I continued with the game. They were Giving all the anger out on the ball To injur me but I kept dodging them an when they had no balls I collected all the balls that were on my side and throwing it at them. I kinda through really hard basically each thrown they would go down in pain.


I Hit Harry In The Leg, Louis In The Thigh Liam In The Stomach, Zayn In The Chest, And Lucky Last Niall. When Niall Was The Last One. The whole Class Loooked At Me Surprised And I Had Only Two Balls So I Threw It so Hard They Both Hit Niall. One Hit Him In the Face And One hit him in were the boys don't like getting in. They all groaned in pain and were on the ground crying I was kinda smirking. And I walked to the change rooms to change back in my normal clothes.

I Got Changed and Went to go meet Tiff And Carly At The Picnic Table And They Were Already There So I Said Walking Up To Them

"Hey Girls Dodgeball Was Soo Fun I Knocked The MONSTERS To The ground."

The Girls Laughed And so did I.

We were waiting for the bell to ring so we can get our recess.

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