The Day It All Begin

A Really Shy And Depressed Girl Named Cindy Jacobs Was Having Fun Shopping With Her Two Best Friends Carly And Tiffany. But What Happens when You Bump Into A Someone In The Girls Toilets that will change your life. Read To Find Out Moreeee .....



So Miss Blew The Whistle And We Started. I was Obviously Striker Becoz Im The Best. So I Ran We Started With The Ball And I WAS Dribbling And Passing It To The Other Striker Her Name Was Gabby And We Were Pretty Good Working Together. So We were Really Close To The Goal And Gabby Passed It To Me And As I Was Going To Kick.


The DUMBO LOUIS Slide Tackled Me And I Fell To The Ground Because My Ankle Really Hurt. Miss Then Blew The Whistle Yelled "FOUL, Penalty Kick, Louis You Cant Do That. All The Boys Were Laughing Including Niall And He Was The Goalie. I Was So Happy Because I Had To Do My Kick But My Ankle Really Killed But I Still Had A Go.

If They Were Sorry For Bullying Me They Would've Stopped


So Miss Was Adjusting The Ball On Where I Had To Kick.


I Stepped Back And I Smashed It And Niall Was Jumping To Grab It. I Was Watching It The Ball As It Hit The Post And


"BANG" the Ball Went Into The Goal 

All us girls Screamed "WOOHOO" "SUCKIN SUCKER" They All Looked Down In Shame I Laughed Smirking At The Boys And They Just Gave Me The Dirtys And I Looked At Niall And He Was Smirking At Me. Why Wasnt He Angry?


He Mouthed To Me "Good Kick Babe"


Ugh I Just Wanna Kick Him In the Face My Ankle Still Hurt And So Miss Said 

"Cindy You Cant Walk On That Here I'll Get Someone To Help You"

I nodded And Miss Yelled "Hey You Come Here" Pointing At Niall


He Came To Us And Miss Explained What He Had To Do So He Carried Me. It Really Awkward but What I DID Is Pretend To Sleep So He Didnt Have To Talk And He Knew I WAS Talking. I Could Feel Him Staring At Me Then I Said 

"What Are You Looking Niall"


As I Said That He Flinched And Looked Straight Up And Giggled.

He Continued Carrying Me To The Change Rooms So I Got Him To Carry Me in the Girls Toilets.

Everyone Looked At Us Like We Were Gonna Do Something But I Ignored Them Because I Knew Thats Was Never Gonna Happened. So He Let ME gO Into to One OF The Toilets. I Took Like 10mins Changing And I Peeked Through And I Could See Niall In The Side Of My Eye Through the Reflection Of The Mirror, He was Fixing His Hair And Spraying His Mouth With Mint Breath Spray.

I Limped Trying To Walk And I Was Nearly Near Niall To Scare Him But I Fell Back Screaming. And Someone Caught Me. 

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