The Deadly Game (Complete)

"She was my beautiful baby girl."
- Mother
"She was a bright child, indeed."
- Teacher
"She was the sister I never had."
- Best Friend
"She was my everything."
- Secret Crush
"She was just another game."
- Gun


2. My Deadly Move

She just stared at my partner in crime,

I watch her waiting for the first move.

She glances at me with hope in her eyes,

I think she finally gives up.


I move towards her like silent shadows,

While she mumbles to herself “Stay calm”.

I’ve played this game many times,

But I still hate how I always win.


Winning doesn’t always mean happiness,

I’m always here by myself, alone.

She stares at me with her beautiful brown eyes,

As I come closer and closer.


The room turns silent with tension in the air,

She’s staring at me for the final Game Over.

The cards have finally been dealt,

And I’m her last option for peace.


I give her my hand and feel shivers,

I kiss her hand like my bride to be.

She links our fingers together,

BANG! Her beautiful body drops…


A liquid droplet runs down my cheek,

Maybe I loved her; it’s too late to tell.

But now that she’s gone,

I have another game to play.

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