We're like Pepsi and Coke (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Cassie and Harry have known each other since they were 7 years old, but is that a good thing? They disagree on nearly everything and are always competing for the number 1 position. Will they ever find one thing they can agree on?


3. Walks

Cassie's POV 

This dinner has been torture so far, all I've done is sit there and pretend to be the picture perfect daughter, but all I've wanted to do since we sat down is to scream. 

I was looking down at my plate at the moment, pretending to be interested in my food. I suddenly felt a nudge in my side.  I looked around to see everyone looking at me.

"Uhm sorry, I was daydreaming, what was that?" I said quickly.

Harry suddenly started talking. 

"I said, do you want to go for a walk Cassie, I can tell you don't want to be here." He asked again with a knowing smirk.

I quickly nodded, not having a second thought, before standing up and pushing my chair back in towards the table.  

"I'll be back soon mum to help you clean up okay?" I said nodding towards her. She nodded in reply and smiled up at me. 

I walked out of the dining room, Harry following behind me, I tried not to seem to excited about the fact that I was getting away from that table.

I put my shoes on and walked outside, but only then I realized I had made a mistake. Harry was coming with me.

I looked up at him when he walked out of the house.

"So I'm guessing my mum put you up to this, so how about we just separate and pretend we had a walk together?" I asked, backing away from him.

"Actually she didn't, and no, we're walking together." He said, lightly tugging on my arm.

"No, I want to go by myself, I'll have more fun that way." I said, pulling my arm out of his grip. 

"You don't even know what fun is." He scoffed.

"Yes I do, it's an activity where Harry Styles isn't involved." I said before turning around and walking away from him.

But I could hear his footsteps behind me, I knew I couldn't speed up, because his legs are longer than mine and he'd catch me soon enough.

"Look, if we don't walk together ill go back to your house and tell them you hit me." He said.

I stopped and turned around to look at him, my eyes wide.

"You wouldn't?" I said quietly.

"Try me." He said, bringing his hand up to his face.

He watched me, moving slowly, waiting for my reaction. Just when he was about to swing his hand and hit his face I stopped him from doing so.

"Wait wait! Stop! I'll walk with you okay?" I said pulling his hand back down to his side.  He smirked and started walking forwards, pulling me along next to him.

"I knew that would work." I heard him mutter under his breath.

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