We're like Pepsi and Coke (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Cassie and Harry have known each other since they were 7 years old, but is that a good thing? They disagree on nearly everything and are always competing for the number 1 position. Will they ever find one thing they can agree on?


4. Talks

Cassie's POV 

We walked along the road with at least a 5 metre distance between us. I wish it could've been bigger, but Harry kept coming closer. 

I kicked a stone along in front of me, trying to keep it in a straight line, but it always veered off to the left a little.  My head was down but I was aware that Harry was looking at me. 

We hasn't talked since we left the house, and I liked it that way, it was peaceful. 

"Why do you hate me?" Harry asked, knocking me out of my thoughts. 

"I don't hate you, just strongly dislike you, if I hated you I wouldn't be here right now." I replied, keeping my eye on the stone. 

"Okay, why do you strongly dislike me then?" He asked. 

Oh my gosh he's persistent. 

I stopped walking. I sighed and took a breath before looking up at him. 

"When we were 7, you used to come over to our house all the time, and one time we had a fight over something, you called me names and then your mum came to pick you up, you stopped coming after that and u thought you didn't like me, so I didn't like you, and I guess it's just stuck that way." I said. 

Harry nodded, looking up at the sky behind me. 

"I remember that," he said, "I only stopped coming because I thought you hated me, god we were stupid when we were seven." He laughed at the end. 

I smiled and nodded. 

"I know, but then we both started to dislike each other and it just went on from there." I said. 

Harry nodded and looked back at me. 

"Yeah, I can't remember what I called you though." He said, looking like he was trying to remember. 

"Neither can I, but it was bad in our 7 year old minds." I smiled. 

"Yeah, it probably ended up being something like 'you suck you poo,' or something like that." 

"Most likely." I said, laughing slightly. 

"I'm sorry Cassie, for calling you a poo, and saying that you suck, and all the other things I called you." Harry apologised. 

"I'm sorry Harry, for calling you an egg head, a bum, and everything else." I smiled at him. 

This was I of the weirdest conversations I've had in a while. 

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