We're like Pepsi and Coke (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Cassie and Harry have known each other since they were 7 years old, but is that a good thing? They disagree on nearly everything and are always competing for the number 1 position. Will they ever find one thing they can agree on?


2. Pencils

Cassie's POV

My feet trudged along the hard rocky footpath, the sun blistering hot sun beating down on the back of my head. This was all his fault.  That idiot made me miss the bus because he got me in trouble with Mrs. Wilkins. 

Harry Styles. All of the girls at school love him for his looks, the guys are jealous of his looks, but me, I just dislike him altogether, and he dislikes me as well.

I'm Cassie Grey, the girl who's not afraid to voice her own opinion, the girl who is the other of Pepsi and Coke. I'm the Pepsi, he's the Coke, but he seems to think its the other way around. 

Our latest disagreement just happened to be about pencils. Yes pencils, it seems childish but we had a massive argument about pencils, which landed both of us in after school detention. 

So here I am walking home, with no way of contacting my parents to ask them to pick me up because my phone had run out of battery, and there was no way I was touching Harry's phone. 

When I finally reached home, my mum was waiting for me in the kitchen.  I could already smell dinner cooking and the only noise was coming from the fan above the stove.

I was about to walk upstairs to my room so I could finally relax, but I was interrupter before I could even make it to the first step. 

"Where were you young lady?" My mother questioned from the kitchen. 

I sighed and walked into the room so I could see her.

"I had detention so I missed the bus." I replied.

"How come you never called to tell me this?" She asked again.  

"My phone ran out of battery during lunch." I answered. 

She nodded and turned to grab something out of the refrigerator. I quietly turned back around and slowly walked back out of the kitchen, unsure of wether I could leave or not.

"Oh, and Cassie?" She yelled before I could leave completely.


"Please go and get showered, we have guests for dinner tonight, wear something nice too." She said.

I groaned and ran upstairs to my room. 


It was now 7:20, I thought mum said we had guests coming, obviously she's gone delusional because they should've been here by now. I sighed and carried on painting my nails.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door I was hoping my mum would get it, but a few seconds later I heard her voice yell for me to get it. I groaned and hopped of he couch and walked over to the door.

When I opened the door it was a sight I had expected to see. Of course they were here, they were always over for dinner, or we were over at theirs, but for once I was hoping it wouldn't be them.

The Styles.

Don't get me wrong they're all really nice people, but technically I'm lying when I say all, because Harry's in their family.  I quickly put on a smile and welcomed them inside. 

As Harry walked past me he handed me something.

"Here's your pencil." He said smirking.  My eyes widened and I could tell my face turned a light shade of red in anger.

"I told you that you stole my pencil." I told him before he could walk away.

"No you didn't, you gave it to me remember." He smirked before walking away and into the living room. 

"Yes you did you arrogant twerp." I muttered chucking the pencil on the ground before following him into the room.

I already could tell I was going to suffer more tonight than I ever have before.

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