One And Only

Moving from Australia to London, Alyce Roberts does not know what to expect. She starts her first day as a senior in her new high school. With her having just a few friends, she thinks no one would notice her. Little did she a know, a boy from Wolverhampton has his eyes on her.


6. The Week After

After spending the whole week crying in bed, I decided to go to school and actually not ditch it because of.....him. 

I woke up and saw my reflection in the mirror. I literally look like a mess. I have mascara running down my face, my hair is absolutely crazy and my dress sense is horrible. 

After a long hot shower, I got dressed. Jeans with black vans and my Nirvana shirt. Yeah, I know...I get very lazy when I'm sad and tired. I went downstairs to find a note on the kitchen bench.

Alyce, I know you're still upset about what happened with Liam, but you need to face him. You can't spend all your life hiding from him! I have to go to work early, so yeah. I'll be home by 6. Bye sweety, hope you two sort things out :) xx Love Mum

I swear my mother knows everything. 

Walking to school, I seriously feel so horrible. Ugh, I hope this isn't one of those boy dumps girlfriend for another girl days. (Although that wouldn't be that bad) 


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