One And Only

Moving from Australia to London, Alyce Roberts does not know what to expect. She starts her first day as a senior in her new high school. With her having just a few friends, she thinks no one would notice her. Little did she a know, a boy from Wolverhampton has his eyes on her.


3. The First Day

I made my way to my locker and luckily no one has called me names, but I did get some judgmental stares.

"Morning Ally Boo!"  Brittany exclaimed. "Morning Brit Brit!" I replied

Brittany Matthews is my best friend. Yeah, I know I've moved here 2 months ago, but she's a neighbour. We met when her parents came over for dinner. She moved here last year from Manchester and she hasn't had that many friends either, so we became really close since we both had a lot in common.

"Welcome to South Hampshire High School." Brittany joked. We were the girls that would be considered second class. Not popular, but not a loser.

"What's your first class?" I asked Brittany. I was hoping we were in the same subjects. 

"Umm maths. You?" "Damn it! I have biology." I was bummed. Now I'm alone. But I did love science, it's my best and favourite subject. 

The bell rang, which means alone time for me. Brittany and I said our goodbyes and headed to class. Luckily I got a good spot in class. The teacher wasn't here yet so the students were roaming the classroom. I saw paper balls being thrown, snobby girls laughing behind me and the jo- 

Holy. F***ing. Crap

The most beautiful, handsome, hottest, cutest boy had just walked in. The way he has his hair is a quiff, his brown eyes, and his muscles. Oh his muscles. I feel myself staring for too long because he was looking at me too, so I quickly looked away. I saw him walk towards me. I'm getting butterflies in my tummy, but how?

I literally just met this guy. In fact, I didn't even meet him at all, yet alone know his name.

Turns out he was walking towards the popular snobby girls behind me. I was so embarrassed inside, since they were all laughing.

Thank god the teacher came just in time to save my ass. 

"Good morning class. I am Mrs Kelleher and sorry I am late. Ah, what do we have here." She was staring at me. Oh dear.

"You must be Ms Roberts, am I right?" She asks me and I nod. "And I'm presuming you are new here?" I nod again. 

By now everyone was looking at me. "Well, I hope everyone makes Ms Roberts at home." And with that they all got back to their usual things. 

-Lunch Time-

And after 4 periods later, I found out that the handsome boy is in all my classes. I made my way to the table where Brittany and a few girls were sitting.

"Alyce! This is Caitlin, Emmerson and Maria. They're in most of classes." Brittany explained. I gave the a smile. "Hey, I'm Alyce, nice to meet you guys" "You too." They all said in the same time, creepy.

I sat down and we were all deep into our conversations, when he came to the cafeteria. He looked so gorgeous in his plaid shirt. I wonder what he would look like shirtless. No. Alyce. Stop.

He went and sat down with 4 other guys. I knew only one of them. Niall Horan. He is very cute with his blonde hair and blue eyes. We have English together and we actually talked for a while until we got separated by the teacher.

"Hello? Earth to Alyce?" I hear Brittany say. Looks like I was staring for a while. "Oh sorry guys" 

"Looks like Alyce has a crush on Liaam" Caitlin joked. "Me, what no? I don't even know him" I can feel myself blush at her comment, maybe she was right. Maybe I do.



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