One And Only

Moving from Australia to London, Alyce Roberts does not know what to expect. She starts her first day as a senior in her new high school. With her having just a few friends, she thinks no one would notice her. Little did she a know, a boy from Wolverhampton has his eyes on her.


4. Saturday Night

The rest of the week went by slowly. I made some new friends other than Brittany, Maria, Caitlin and Emmerson. Niall and I became quite close, turns out we had a lot in common. As for Liam, I found out he had a girlfriend, Danielle. She's absolutely beautiful and an amazing dancer. I can see why Liam likes her, no hope for me.

I woke up with the sun shining through my curtains. I checked the time and it was 10 am. Gotta love Saturdays. 

I checked my phone, facebook, twitter, instagram blah blah. Nothing new, but I did a get a text.

From Brittany: Heey Ally Boo

To Brittany: Good Morning Brit Brit

From Brittany: So Al, my friend's having a party today at 7:30, wanna come?

To Brittany: Yeah sure. Sounds great :)

From Brittany: Yaay! I'll pick you up at 7:15. Dress sexy ;) x

To Brittany: Aha, I'll try...See ya then x

I needed to get out. I haven't been to a party since, well, since Australia basically. But I needed to ask mum.

"Morning mum"

"Morning sweety" Mum replied. Mum and I were close. My dad always works. His a lawyer. And my brother Ray, he's in university, studying medical things, doctor things. And my mum was a stylist for a model company. So I get heaps of clothing. Like literally. My closet is the size of a small bedroom. Mum and I had a really good bond, if we were fighting, we'd just talk it out and by the end, we would hug it out and do some mother and daughter thing.

"I was wondering if I could go out to a party tonight at a friends house?" 

"Of course! Do you have something to wear? Because I hav-"  I interupted before she could finish her sentence.

"No I'm fine aha, thanks for asking though Mum" We both were laughing by the comment since we knew we each other well that we both know what the other persons gonna say.

~A few hours later~

It's 6 pm now, which means an hour to get ready. I was actually so nervous, yet excited for this party. I knew I needed to make a first impression out of school, so I decided to wear something more "out there"

I went into my walk-in-wardrobe and looked through all my dresses. By the end, I chose a blue sequenced dress with one long shoulder, that sits an inch above my knee. For my shoes, I decided to wear 4 inch black wedges. I figured it might be a long night so might as well be comfy. 

I took a warm long shower. The water was calm and refreshing I could stay in it forever, but no.

When I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and put on a bra and lace underwear. 

My hair was wet, so I blow dried it until it wasn't as wet, then I curled my brown locks. I wore quite a lot of make up: Foundation, bronzer, shimmery copper eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and bright pink lipstick. 

It was 6:45 by now. I put on my dress along with heels and accessories to compliment me. After looking in the mirror, I must say I did look good. My dress showed of curves a little more than I expected, but it's a party. I grabbed my black coat and purse. I brought a bit of money just in case I needed a taxi and my phone. Can't go anywhere without your phone.

When I came downstairs, I swear my mum's jaw hit the ground. "Oh my lord. Alyce you look beautiful! Look at my baby all grown up!" Mum shrieked. 

"Thanks mum. Well i did get my looks from you" I gave a her wink. I saw a Brittany's black audi pull up my driveway. "Well mum, thats my ride. I'll see you after yeah."

"Bye sweetie. Be careful! Love you" Mum said as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

I waved my mum goodbye and jumped inside Brittany's car. She was wearing a purple peplum dress with silver heels. She looked amazing.

"Hey Al! Time to parttaaay!" Brittany yelled as we drove off. She was definitely excited about this party.

We arrived at the party to blasting music from the massive house . I swear, I felt so sorry for the neighbours. When Brittany and I came inside, it was hot. People were dancing to the music, some were drinking and chatting. While others are just making out. Brit and I made our way through the crowd to find Maria talking to Niall. 

"Hey guys" I say. "Oh hey Alyce, you've met Niall right?" Maria asks "Yeah, we have English together" I reply smiling. "Oh English, the times where you got in my trouble" He says smirking.

"Well, I'm gonna go grab some drinks, would you guys like some?" Niall asks. "Yeah, can you get me soda? I don't feel like drinking" I say. I would love to get drunk, but then I'd probably hook up with a stranger. "Sure, anyone else?" Maria and Brit say no and Niall leaves.

"Ooohhh Maria and Niall" Brittany teases. "I do not!" Maria defends. "Oh yes you do! Just admit it. We can see it in you eyes you know." "You can? I mean what no." 

After arguing, Maria finally admits her feelings for Niall, just before he comes back with our drinks. He hands my soda, I smell it and taste it first. Mmm pepsi. I chug it down and Brit and I left to go dance, leaving the lovebirds alone.


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