One And Only

Moving from Australia to London, Alyce Roberts does not know what to expect. She starts her first day as a senior in her new high school. With her having just a few friends, she thinks no one would notice her. Little did she a know, a boy from Wolverhampton has his eyes on her.


2. Mornings


Arrgh. I hate Mondays. But today, was sort of an exception. Today was my first day of high school in London. Gosh I was today would be great.

I woke up with my stomach grumbling. I have the urge to eat all of my pantry. I went to my bathroom to take a shower, oh the warm water. I decided to put some make up, but not too much.

I wore black skinny jeans and a crop top I got from Australia along with red converse. I put my hair in a side braid. 

"Morning mum" I said to my mum as I kissed her on the cheek. 

"Good morning darling, you look fancy today" I giggled as she made the joke. "Actually I wanted to look good since it is my first day." I replied. 

"Well it's 8:45 now and your school starts at 9, so you might start walking now" Gosh my mum knew everything. 

I went out the door and blew my Mum a kiss and I started walking to school. I just pray that I won't be tormented and be named as the newbie. 

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