One And Only

Moving from Australia to London, Alyce Roberts does not know what to expect. She starts her first day as a senior in her new high school. With her having just a few friends, she thinks no one would notice her. Little did she a know, a boy from Wolverhampton has his eyes on her.


5. Dancefloors and Bathrooms

-Mature Content-

When Brit and I got onto the dancefloor, it was cramped! The music was blasting through the speakers and so much people were dancing. It was literally like a real club scene.

I went to the centre of the crowd-filled room and began dancing. I wasn't drunk so I knew I wouldn't do anything too provocative. I was having so much fun dancing, I never realised Brittany was gone until I saw her making out with some dude. Probably awkward for me to watch so I continued to have a good time.

My favourite song was playing and I danced like an idiot. The room became heated from all the people, so I went to grab a drink. As I was about to turn, I felt two strong hands grab my waist. I turned to see that it was none other than Mr. Liam Payne. 

We were staring into each other's eyes for a while before he broke our silence.

"Are you drunk?" "Nah, I've been drinking soda, what about you?" "We're alike. Soda's all I drink" He replied giving me a wink.

Another good song played, and Liam and I were dancing, well grinding. I did feel really bad since he did have a girlfriend, but he hit on me first, and I couldn't reject. He moved his hands lower down from my back to my waist, pushing me closer to him. By now, our faces was inches apart.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" I whispered. "Who? Danielle? Broke up with her yesterday, found out she was cheating." He replied with no emotion. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" "Nah don't be, I already have my eyes on a special girl."

He grabbed my hand and lead to the bathroom. He locked the door and turned to me. "Liam, what are we doi-" And before I could finish his lips was on mine.

I wrapped my hands around is neck as his went down my back. I could feel his tongue licking my bottom lip, and I slightly opened my mouth to give it entry as mine went into his. The kiss became more passionate minute by minute. His hands were moving down my back onto my ass.

He squeezed them just a little as his kisses went down my neck. He then went down to my collarbone giving wet kisses, causing me to moan. His hands went up my dress to find my bare ass cheeks. He cupped them in his hands and I wrapped my legs around his waist. 

As he was carrying me to the bathroom counter, we never broke our kiss. He placed me on the counter. I was sitting and he was standing. My legs were still around his waist and I brought him closer to me. I could feel him start to get an erection as I was now kneeling giving him love bites on his neck.

His hands traveled from back to my chest. They made their way upwards, as we he was about to place them on my breasts, until somene was knocking on the door. 

"Liam, baby. Are you in here?" It was Danielle. "I thought you broke up with her?" I asked Liam with hurt in voice. "Oh, that. Look Alyce I am so sor-" "Get your hands off me" "Alyce please, I can explain" "Explain what? That you lied and took advantage of me? You lead me on Liam. I really thought you were different." I say getting of the counter. 

"No, Alyce stop!" "And why should I do that? I'm going home" I say leaving. Danielle looked at me weirdly as I left, like I was some slut I don't blame her.


"Fucking hell Liam!" I cursed. I should've known Danielle was gonna be at the party. "Liam, baby is everything alright?" Danielle asked. "Oh yeah, couldn't be better" I say giving her a fake smile. "Oh good, well then, lets go back to my place" She said giving me a wink. 

"Uh, maybe not tonight, I think I'm just gonna go home babe. I'll see you tomorrow yeah?" I say giving her a kiss on the cheeks as I left the room. 

I really needed to apologize to Alyce. Even if it means ending my relationship with Danielle



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