Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


11. the day with Jake, Cassy and Harry?

(This contains graphic sexual things. If you don't want to read it, don't)

I woke up next to Harry and looked at my phone. "Oh no" I said and got up. "What's wrong babe?" I heard Harry's morning voice from the bedroom. I walked out of the bathroom "I was supposed to meet Jake at the park at noon and it's 1!" I said while gathering clothes to wear. "And of course there is nothing to wear" I mumbled while looking through my clothes. "Your just going to the park?" Harry asked "yeah we are just gonna hang out" I said still looking for clothes. "Here let me choose. It's a little bit warm out, for once, just go get your hair done and stuff" I kissed Harry "thank you!" I said while running into the bathroom. I did my makeup and I saw Harry holding clothes. "Ok either the summer dress or these shorts? I can't find a shirt to go with the shorts." I like the shorts. I'll choose the shirt" I grabbed the jean shorts and put on a Harry's red plaid shirt with a black tank under. I tied the ends into a knot and grabbed one of Harry's scarfs. I put my hair into a messy bun and wrapped the scarf around my head. I brushed my teeth and slipped my black converse on. I grabbed my phone, car keys and my ray ban sunglasses. Harry was downstairs watching the telly. "You look better in that shirt than I do" he smirked "I know"I smirked backs and kissed him "gotta go! I'll be back later! Love ya!" And I closed the door and running to my car. I got to the park at 2. I saw Jake sitting at a swing and I pushed him. He freaked out and I laughed "I thought you stood me up" he said "why would I do that?" I giggled "I like your outfit" "thanks. It's Harry's. I just threw it on. I woke up late" I said while sitting on the swing next to him. "So what are your plans?" I asked him "finally she's here!" He jumped up "who's here?" I said while getting up "close your eyes!" He yelled and I did "why do I have-" "AHH! MIRANDA!" I heard someone scream I opened my eyes and saw Cassy "CASSY!" I yelled and I ran to her and jumped on her and rapped my legs around her and hugged her. "I've missed you so much!" I said "me too" she said back "yeah ok. Good reunion. Now let's start hanging out" Jake said and we laughed "so I heard that you and Jake started going out" I said while linking my arm with hers "and I've heard that you and Harry are going out" she said and we both faced Jake "Jake!" We yelled "you blabber mouth!" I said. He ran and we ran after him. He tripped and fell causing us to fall with him. We rolled down a hill as when we stopped we laughed. "I miss us being together" Cassy said "yeah me too" "me three" we stayed at the park for a little longer and I got a text from Harry. It said 'come home babe I'm lonely!' "Sorry guys I have to go. I'll text you both later!" I said and ran to my car. I got in and drove home. I opened the door and I didn't find Harry. He grabbed my waist and brought me upstairs to our room. Harry moved in with me a couple of weeks ago. Harry closed the door and locked it. I was really confused. I saw Harry only wearing his boxers. Ohh. Ok. Now I get what's he doing. I smirked "awe who's a little horny?" I teased him. He climbed on top of me and kissed me. Hard. He pinned my arms over my head I kicked off my shoes while still kissing him. He asked for entrance and I denied him. He groaned in frustration and his hand traveled down to inside my shorts. I moaned and his tongue entered my mouth. He backed away and I gasped realizing that I haven't had a change to breathe. My chest was rising up and down and I could tell Harry was turned on. He slid of my shorts and my shirt, well his. I just realized that he tied me to the bed frame. My hands struggled to get out of the knot. I whined "Harry please let me go" he ignored me and left me in my push up black lace bra and matching underwear. His eyes got darker at the sight he was seeing. I smiled and tried to act sexy "Harry let me go so I can make you feel soo good" I said. He groaned and untied me. I flipped us over immediately and my hand traveled down his stomach and my hand slipped in his underwear. He moaned and I took off his boxers. I started pumping his shaft and I deep throated him. He was moaning and yelling my name. He was almost there but I stopped. He groaned in frustration and I smirked. He flipped me over so now I was on bottom. He took off my bra and started kneading my breasts. I was moaning loud and he traveled his way down to my underwear. He ripped them off and started fingering me and licking me. My fingers found his hair and I started tugging on his hair. I was moaning like crazy then I didn't feel his fingers anymore. I was about to question him but I felt him enter me. I moaned and threw my head back. His head went in the crook of my neck and sucked on my neck while he moved his hips. I was moaning so loud that I bet the neighbors could hear me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and met my hips with his movements. Soon we both came and he fell next to me. "Sorry babe, I just couldn't control it" he said "it's ok. I liked it" I panted. I got up and took a shower and of course Harry came in. We got dressed and we opened the door. We saw the guys standing there with their mouths open and you could see that they had boners. My eyes went wide and me and Harry had the same idea. We walked up to them and we looked at each other. Meh nodded and we smacked the guys' twigs and berries. The groaned and fell on the floor. "You guys are gross" I said while walking downstairs. I sat down and I groaned. "Sorry babe" Harry said I rolled my eyes. They guys came down falling. "Why did you guys do that?!" Liam groaned "you have no idea how much that hurt with boners" Louis said "maybe next time don't snoop"

(A/N sorry this was horrible! I had no other ideas in my head. Comment ideas I should do)

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