Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


6. Swimsuit Photo shoot

After me and El got our swimsuits we tried them on. "Dude Harry is gonna flip when he sees you" El said. I had a strapless pink top with matching bottoms with hoops on the sides. El had a black strapless one and where it connects, it has strings and a gold bar holding it and matching bottoms and on the hips it had strings too and it stopped to her inner thighs and thats where the piece of fabric started. "Louis is gonna love yours too!" I said "nah he is used to this. It's funny cuz he gets a boner when he sees me wearing things like this" she whispered the last part "HEY ARE YOU GIRLS DONE YET?!" Louis yelled. Earlier they wanted to see us in the suits. "WE'RE COMING!" we both yelled and we walked downstairs. Liam, Zayn and Niall whistled and Louis and Harry stood there with their mouths wide open. "so....." I said while my voice trailed off. "ok El your Lou's girlfriend and Miranda your my friend but damn hell yeah" Niall said in an accent but failed. "ok I know your guys reaction but.... Harry?...... Louis?" I said. Harry snapped out of his trance and wrapped his arms around my waist "you look beautiful" he whispered and lent in. I put my hand over his lips "woah calm down curly" And only Louis' reaction was moaning at El. She giggled and grabbed his hand and walked upstairs. All of us whistled and Harry wolf whistled "HEY NOT MY BED!!" I yelled. "yeah its gonna be a while" Liam said "and I can't change now" "I don't mind it" Harry said "of course you don't" "can we go swimming?" "not in this swimsuit. I can't until after the photo shoot". I started getting cold and I was shivering. The only blanket that I have is in my room. And Harry looked at me and took off his shirt and put it over my head. He smiled at me and I smiled back then his arm went around my waist and pulled me close to him. After awhile Lou and El came walking downstairs. "Finally!" Niall said. They sat down on the couch and I sent in my room and changed. Since I had Harry's red plaid shirt on I put a black tank on under and put skinny jeans on and grabbed El's clothes. "So I don't get my shirt back?!" Harry said "nope. It's mine now" "I need my shirt!" "No you don't! Wait. I think I have a shirt for you" I said and ran upstairs. I still have one of his white shirts from like years ago. It looks like it'll fit him. I went back down and threw his shirt. "you still have this?" "Yeah" "I gave you this so you have something of me when I left for the xfactor" he said while putting it on "Yeah and I gave you that key neckless. It was really special to me" "dang you guys go back far" Liam said. "Yeah we do" Harry said while smiling at me. "Ok lets to make this clear we can't go swimming?" "yes but El doesn't have a suit" I said while looking at her. "Can I borrow a suit?" she whined and gave me puppy dog eyes. "Fine" I said and we went upstairs and changed into simple swimsuits. The guys were already in the pool and I walked to the deep end while El just walked in. "what are you doing?" Louis said "you guys wanna move" Harry said while they swam to the shallow end. I walked to the ledge and did a back flip. I rose to the surface and the guys clapped. We stayed in the pool not that long because me and El had the photo shoot. We brought Harry and Lou and we just did simple pictures on the sand. Like laying on our sides and standing up and posing. The guys were staring at us the whole time. Me and El were walking back to the little trailer but our manager called both of us over. "Miranda, Eleanor, you both are our best models here so… would you both like to be our VS angels?" He asked. Both of us gasped "yes!" We both yelled. We hugged him and we ran back to the trailer and got out clothes on. "What happened?" They both asked in unison. We just ignored them and we ran to the car. I took the keys from Louis and I drove. "El call the guys and tell them to meet us at Nando's!" I basically yelled. She did what I said and we arrived at Nando's and we saw the rest of the guys at a booth "care to explain what is going on?" Liam asked "it's good news cuz we're at Nando's" Niall said "ok" I said "our manager talked to both of us and-" El cut me off "and we are going to be VS angels!!" She yelled. The guys congratulated us and we got our food. We got back home and went night swimming. I wrapped my legs around Harry's waist "I can't believe what has happened in these passed weeks" I mumbled in his ear. "I know…" his voice trailed off. His voice was husky. I looked into his eyes and they were a little shade darker. I licked my lips and looked at his eyes then his lips and back to his eyes. We both lent in and kissed. I felt sparks and the butterflies were escaping my stomach. It felt like we were the only people on earth. We parted and everyone was clapping and whistling. "I KNEW IT!!" Louis yelled. I giggled and bit my lip. "Ok now you guys just need to say that you are dating and make it official" Louis said again. I bit my lip and looked at Harry. He grabbed my face and kissed me again. "Ok I'll take that as you two are dating!" Louis yelled. "Harry and Miranda kissing in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g" he sang. I blushed and went under water and swam to the shallow end. I closed my eyes and got on my back and floated. I felt water dripping on my face and I opened my eyes and Harry was standing there smiling. I went under water and rose to the surface moving my hair behind me. I wrapped my legs around him like before and kissed him again. He was moving slowly backwards to the steps and he sat down while I straddled in his lap. "EW! GET A ROOM!!" Niall yelled. Me and Harry smirked and we kissed underwater. We both rose to the surface and everyone got out. Me and Harry decided to stay in another hour. "I can't believe I'm dating my best friend" I said "I know. But I started liking you since I left for the X factor. That's when my feelings developed for you and I needed to find you when we lost contact" he said "aw Harry!" I said and hugged him. "I'll race ya!" He said and I knew what he meant. "3,2,1 GO!" I yelled and we swam to the other end and back. "I WON!" He yelled. I pouted and splashed him. "Awe babe don't be pouty! I want my girlfriend to be happy!" He said I smiled and rolled my eyes. We got out and he pulled me towards my hot tub. "Of course styles" I said. He turned the bubbles on and we got in. He grabbed my hips so I was sitting in his lap again. He can't keep his hands off of me now. We kissed again and we heard someone clear their throat "hey kids it's 12:30 time to hit the hay" Liam said. I giggled and we got out. I looked at the pool in the corner of my eye and pushed Harry in the pool. He rose up and he was shivering. I was laughing then he came after me. I ran to my room and Harry attacked me. I screamed and he stopped my screaming by kissing my of course. "Can't keep your hands off of me huh?" I teased "nope" he said while popping his 'p' "your sexy how can I not keep my hands off of you?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and jumped in the shower "can I join?" Harry asked "in your dreams styles" I said. I got out and changed into my pjs. Harry was on the bed on his phone "your turn styles" I said "why do you call me styles?" "cuz I like your last name" I said and pushed him in the bathroom. I layer down on the bed and fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V I can't believe my childhood friend is my girlfriend! I wanted her to be mine and now I have her. I got out of the shower and saw that she was asleep. I smiled and got in bed with her. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep. I'm glad that she loves me as much as i love her. My true love my best friend.

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