Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


5. Remembered

We got to my house and the guys were close behind us in the car. We pulled into my driveway and we got out. I opened my door with Eleanor behind me and the guys coming up the steps. I kicked off my shoes, threw my keys on the table and took off my jacket. I went in the kitchen and got everyone water. I threw the guys their water and handed El hers while I sat down. "I gotta use the loo…" Louis said "it's down the hall and first door on your right" me and Harry said "how do you know that?" I asked "well…" Everyone was staring at us. "let's watch the telly" Niall said and watched tv. "Harry I'm making sandwiches can you help me?" I said "oh I will!!" Niall said while raising his hand "Niall do you remember last time when you helped me make sandwiches?" Liam said and everyone laughed. Me and Harry walked in the kitchen. I got out the bread and Harry got out the meat. I swear he looks familiar. We walked out with the food and I just stared at him trying to remember him. Soon we both stared in each others eyes until someone cleared their throat. I snapped out of my trance and looked at everyone. "We are going to be going out wanna come?" Louis said "we can't we have a photo shoot tomorrow" El said. I groaned "yeah this guy we have to take pictures with, he is a total douche. He touches our bums and flirts with us" I said "can we come?" Niall said "we have to ask cuz we are going to be on this private beach doing a bikini shoot" after I said that the guys eyes popped out of their head. "I just texted our manager and he said we can only bring two of you guys" El said "I want to bring Lou" she said while smiling at Louis "um… I'm going to bring…" I said while scanning the room "Harry" he smiled "ok we have to go and pick up our bikinis and I am leaving you guys in charge. Liam don't let them trash the house. Oh and I have FIFA and you guys can play that" I said while me and el got our things. "Ok bye!" Everyone yelled "Harry looks so familiar to me. I know he's famous and all but it seems like I've known him for years" "didn't you say that you were friends with this guy before he left or something like that?" El said. I started thinking hard. I closed my eyes and I saw it. But it was blurry. I saw curly hair then it went to clear. I opened my eyes and gasped. "Harry" I whispered "what?" El said. I opened the car door and ran inside "HARRY!!" I yelled I jumped into his arms. 
Harry's P.O.V the guys were playing FIFA and Miranda busted through the door "HARRY!!" She yelled and jumped into my arms. I was in shock then I hugged her back. "I missed you" she mumbled "I missed you too"



A/N sorry for late update i have school and all... YUCK! Im gonna try and update it as soon as I can but I'm not promising anything!! ;)

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