Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


2. Photo shoot

I was getting ready for my photo shoot at VS. I texted the guys good luck for their auditions and they texted back thanks. Of course it was a underwear photo shoot and I was getting my hair and makeup done. "Hi my name is Heather and I'll be your makeup and hair artist" "hi" I said back "your hair is naturally like that?!" She said shocked. I giggled "ya" I said "well that will save some time" she said and I laughed. "Knock knock" someone said while peaking her head through "hi  Eleanor I am almost done and I'll do you" Heather said "hey your Miranda right?" I nodded "your new. I promise you it would be awesome" she said I smiled. "Ok done you can go out there" Heather said. I walked out and I saw the photographer look at me "MIRANDA! COME HERE LOVE!" He yelled and I walked over there "ok sit here and look more sexy" he said and I sat down and did what he said "ok that's a wrap!" He said and everyone clapped. I walked back to change and I grabbed my things and left. "Wait Miranda!" Someone called. I turned around and it was Eleanor running after me "here. What's cool about this job is that you can keep the clothes" she said "cool" I said "do you wanna hang out later at this cafe down the street?" "Ok" I said "I'll go get my things and I'll meet you back here" "ok" I said while smiling. I looked at my phone and I bet Harry didn't go on stage yet. So I called him "hello?" He said "hi Harry did you go on stage yet?" "Eh no but I'm about to. Are you watching?" "I'm at the modeling thing I'm waiting for my friend so we can go to this cafe" "I'm glad you've met a friend so fast" "you sound like my dad Harry" I heard him laugh "Harry Styles time to go on stage" I heard a guy say "sorry I have to go. Wish me luck!" "Good luck!!" I said and he hung up. I just sat there listening to the noise after he hung up. I sat there my phone still to my ear looking down. My hand dropped to my lap. "Hey lets go" Eleanor said. I put on a fake smile and we walked down the street to a little cafe. We chatted until my phone rang "excuse me I'll take this" she nodded and I went outside "hello?" "I MADE IT!!" He yelled I screamed and I don't care if people looked at me. "I just have to go through boot camp" he said I had a smile on my face. "I'm so glad Harry! I hope you don't screw it up!" I said while giggling "hey!" And I laughed and he did "sorry I have to go again. Have to learn the dance!" He said "ok bye" "bye Miranda!" He said and hung up. I walked back in and Eleanor looked at me "I heard you scream" she said "I think people in china heard me" and we laughed "my friend tried out for the xfactor and he made it to boot camp… he's been my friend since I can remember" "it sounds like you like him" she said while sipping her coffee. I chocked on mine "but-" "hey to me it sounds like it. How you smile when he calls… when your on the phone with him… texting him…" what if she is right? Do I have a crush in Harry?

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