Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


8. Ice skating

I woke up and I rolled over but someone's arms were stopping me. I looked behind me and Harry's arm was around me. I lifted his arm and I rolled and I fell on the floor on my stomach. I groaned and just laid there. "Babe?" I heard a husky voice. I stood up so he could see me "did you fall?" He asked "kinda. I wanted to get out of bed but I fell" I said "aw babe" he said and he opened his arms so I could hug him. I went over to him and he grabbed me so I could cuddle with him. He kissed the top of my head and he stared rocking side to side. "Babe" I mumbled "hm?" He hummed "I'm hungry" I said and he chuckled. We got up and we were the last ones to get out of bed. "Finally guys! It's 12 already!" Liam said "I heard a thud" Niall said "I fell off of bed while trying to get up" I said "ummhum" Louis hummed while walking passed by us "hey can we go swimming" Niall said "Again?!" I said "yeah why not?!" Harry said "ok fine" I sighed. I changed into the swimsuit that I had on for the photo shoot and put my hair into a bun. Eleanor did the same and we both put on sun glasses. I was lazy and tired today. They guys were in the pool and Harry had his hat and sunglasses on. While they were in the pool me and El were laying on the grass so we could sunbathe. I got up and went into the pool for a little bit and got back out and laid back down. "Hey" I heard a voice call. I looked up and Harry was on the side of the pool close to me. "Hey" I mumbled "what's wrong?" He asked. I shrugged "I'm tired" I said and moved my towel so I was closer to the pool and I laid on my stomach. He reached up and pecked my lips. "Come in here" he said "nah I'm good" I mumbled "please? It's more fun when you're in here" he said. I groaned and got in the pool. I stayed in the shallow area and rested my head against the side of the pool. "this is depressing" I heard Louis say "I'm tired" I said for like the tenth time today. "We should go ice skating tonight" Liam said. "That's a good idea" I heard El say "sure. Why not? It'll be fun" I said and all of the boys swam to me, kissed me then got out. Harry got to me last since the boys pushed him out of the way. He grabbed my hips and gave me a long kiss. "HEY C'MON MAN! LETS GO!" I heard Louis yell and I giggled and he got up and left "see you soon Miranda" he said and walked off. "I'm gonna head home and come back so I could do your makeup El said while gathering her things. "Ok I'll take a shower and get ready then you could do my makeup" I said while getting out. "Ok babes see you in a while" she said and left. I sighed and looked at the time. 3:30 already?! I ran upstairs and took a shower. By now it was 4:00. I changed into a turquoise color tank top, a white infinity scarf and a grey cardigan with dark blue skinny jeans and white keds. El came over and curled my hair and put the usual on my face. Foundation and powder. Then she only put mascara on my eyes. She put Chapstick on my lips then a light pink lipgloss. "Oh. My. God. El." I said while looking at my reflection. "Harry is going to love you" she said while standing behind me. I turned around and looked at her "Lou is gonna love you too" I said "he always does" I said while smiling. The doorbell rang and me and El went downstairs to answer the door. I opened it and the guys were standing there in their usual outfits. Harry was the only one wearing a sweater and a beanie. I liked it though. It shows that he is normal and doesn't have expensive clothing. We got into the car and me and Harry sat in the back. "You look beautiful Miranda" Harry said. I blushed "you do too. I like you wearing sweaters" I smirked "hmm maybe I should wear them for now on then…" he smirked "you should" I giggled. Before I knew it we were already at the ice skating rink. We got out, got our ice skates and went towards the ice. The rink was outside and there were lights and it looked beautiful. Earlier El told me she didn't know how to ice skate. And I said that it'll be ok. I went over to Louis and whispered in his ear that El couldn't ice skate. He nodded and grabbed her hand and he taught her how to ice skate. It looked really cute. Zayn brought his girlfriend Perrie and Liam brought his girlfriend Sophia. All of us went on the ice and I was holding hands with Harry. I saw a figure skater do a spin in the air and then landed. I looked over at Harry "I'm a bit rusty at ice skating" I said while looking over at the figure skater. "I'll bet you 20 pounds that you can't do that" he said while pointing at the skater "you on" I said while shaking his hand. I skated over there and picked up momentum and did the spin. I landed and skated back over I Harry. "20 pounds please" I said while holding out my hand. "Fine" he sighed. I smirked and we held hands and skated around the rink. Harry slowed down and kissed my cheek. "You missed" I smirked "what?" "You missed" and I kissed him on his lips. I giggled and skated over to El. She was skating with Perrie "hey I said" "hi" El said "hey" Perrie said. I've already met Perrie when we came here. "A little birdy told me that you and Harry are together now" she said while smirking "did Louis tell you?" I asked "yeah." "Blabber mouth" I mumbled "what?" Louis said "I said blabber mouth" I said and skated off. "Miranda!" He yelled and skated after me. I skated next to Harry and hid behind him while Louis kicked up a lot of ice on Harry. Some bits got in my hair but Harry was a mess. "Sorry haz" he said and skated off fast. Harry turned to face me and his face was red. I wiped the ice off his face and cupped my hands on his cheeks and he was freezing. "Your cold" I said "v-ver-y c-c-cold-d" he stuttered. I smashed his face with mine and we kissed. We parted and he smiled "I'm a little warm now" he smirked. I rolled my eyes and skated backwards. I extended my arm and he grabbed my hand. He was making these weird gestures and I was confused and I hit someone. "Oh my god I'm so sor-… Jake?" "So no apology or hug?" He said while smirking "I haven't seen you in forever!" He said again "cuz you moved away!" I said while I felt Harry grab my hand. "Oh sorry Jake this is Harry, my boyfriend, Harry this is one of my best friends" I said "hey" Harry said and waved "hey" Jake said "ok so anyways how's Cassy?" "She's doing good… me and her are dating now" he said while smirking "you guys make a cute couple" I said while smiling "uh babe we have to go…" Harry said while tugging on my arm "ok here Jake I'll give you my number" I said while taking his phone from him "um sorry to rush you but we have to go…now!" He said "why?!" I rose my voice at him and saw him point at the paps running towards us "you could've just said that!" I said while rushing. "Sorry bye Jake! Text me!" I said while skating away with Harry and the others. By the time we closed the door people surrounded the car. I saw lights flashing and screaming girls. "Keep your head down" I heard Harry whisper to me. I did what he told me to do and I saw everyone in the car with their heads down. As soon as we were in the clear, we put our heads back up. "I fucking hate those people" Louis said "hey! Language!" Liam said. We laughed at Liam and just talked to each other. "Sorry to rush you with your fried babe" Harry said "it's ok. I'd rather leave fast then be swarmed" I giggled. "But it seemed you were jealous" "psh no" he looked outside the window "liar" I mumbled "what?" "Nothing" "no what did you call me" "I called you a liar!" I said "I'm not a liar!" His voice went up higher.


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