Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


4. Forgotten

I couldn't see they guys perform cuz of my modeling job. We barely even talk now. Me and Eleanor are really close friends. Like sisters.
~2 months later~
Me and they guys lost contact and I barely even remember them. If I see them that would be awesome
~2 years later~
I am getting my makeup done with Eleanor sitting next to me "is it ok if I brought my boyfriend and his friends here?" "Ya sure" I saw her smile. I waited for her to be done and I opened the door and started walking out. "They're in a popular boy band" El said 
Harry's P.O.V Eleanor invited us to her photo shoot. "Haha gonna get me a model" I said until Liam pulled my shirt "Harold…" he said I sighed "fine" I stood there waiting for her to be done. She came out with I guess her friend. She looked hot… wait is that…? Miranda? My eyes basically came out of my head and I dropped my coffee that was in my hand with my mouth open "hi I'm Miranda" she said and shook my hand. She didn't remember me. I haven't seen her in 2 years. "Your one direction right?" She said "um yeah… you don't remember me?" "Why would I-" she got cut off "Miranda and Eleanor come here" a guy said "coming" they both said and jogged over there. I saw them nod and they got in front if the camera. "Hey mate Miranda looks hot" Louis said "hey you have a girlfriend" I said "yea… she's fricken hot too" he said "didn't you say that you liked her?" Liam said "yea… I do… I like her" I said while smiling and looking at her. "But she doesn't remember me" I said "Ok done!" The camera guy said they started walking towards us "hey we are going to my place wanna come?" Miranda asked. We all said sure and she started walking back to change into her clothes. I was watching her walk to the dressing room. How her hips swayed, how  she is petite, her curves… "Harry… your drooling…" Louis said. I closed my mouth. "You've liked her since before the xfactor days" Liam said "I know but…" I said while looking to the side "what if she doesn't like me back?" I said while looking down. "She doesn't even remember me" "Just give her some time…" Liam said. 

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