Just friends

Miranda Kerr. Yes as in the model. She is best friends with Harry styles. He tried out for the xfactor and made it. What will happen between them two? Friends or a couple?


3. Back at home

That night I got a call from Harry and VS. I got the modeling job and Harry didn't make it. I felt so bad for him he made it so far in the competition. Then a couple of minutes later he called again and he was crying "I m-made it" I could tell he was smiling through the tears. "Really?!?" I said tearing up "I'm put in a band with 4 other boys" I was crying now "we are going to got home for a couple of days then come back" "ok" I managed to say "so why don't you let me in?" He said "w-what?" I said while walking towards the door. I opened the door to see Harry. I hung up and hugged him. He picked me up and spun me. After he set me down we looked in each others eyes. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Someone said and I turned my head and it was 3 random guys. "Sorry Miranda this is Liam, Niall and Zayn. You already know Louis." "Hey Louis!" I said and he hugged me. We spent the night talking and pranking and having fun. 

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