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We all have our problems and with ours we need each other in order to solve them. We need to help each other, we need to understand each other. We need to love each other, make each other feel one another. Another. Other. Kiss me Niall, please, because there won't be another. Love me Niall, please, because I need to feel your touch before I go.


2. Kicked Out

I can't believe I have over 600 fans! This is amazing! In honor of having such amazing fans I created a new story, this one is very mature and please remember that while reading. I wanted to rate it 'R', but because of demand I kept it 'yellow' so more could read it. I recommend this story for +16, so remember as I write, I'm writing for an older audience, not that the younger audience can't read it but--ugh I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about. So please enjoy my new story and get ready for a completely different environment I haven't even experienced myself. ~~ Morgan xx

"I'm tired of this Niall!" Liam shouted at me. "Get out! And take your drugs with you!"

He threw me my duffel bag after I was pushed outside. I caught my bag and put it over my shoulder. "Whatever Liam." I said back to him. 

"Wait!" He yelled. "Take your fucking sluts too!" 

Within seconds a girl was also pushed outside. She tried to cover her half-naked self as she fell into me. 

"Here take my coat," I said to her as she gladly took it. "Here's some money too. For last night and for your taxi ride." 

"Thanks Niall," she said almost silently, before she walked away without looking back. 

I looked back at Liam, "Seriously, mate--."

"Don't 'mate' me!" He was holding the door open the veins in his arms growing bigger with his frustration. "We are not mates. If it wasn't for Harry you would be out of the fucking band too. Just go mess with someone else's life and leave mine alone." 

With that the door was slammed and as I stared at the white wood as I shrugged before I reached into my back pocket and dialed Harry's number. He would be the only one to listen anyways. 

"Niall?" Harry sounded sleepy.

"Hey, sorry to wake you, but I need your help," I started.

"Sure, mate."

"I got kicked out of Liam's…again. And I don't think he'll be letting me anytime soon."

"Oh for fuck's sake Niall," he exhaled loudly. "Stop by my flat. Louis' here somewhere and I think Zayn already left, but just come in. I'll let security know." 

"Thanks Harry."

"No problem, see you soon." We hung up and soon I was walking down the sidewalk, the hot June sun rising behind me. 


"Of course he'll negotiate," said Harry as he brought his mobile to his ear. "It's Liam."

"Harry, there's no way in fuck he's going to let me move back in. He's made that clear." 

"I'll talk to him," he replied back to me. 

"No--," but Harry already said 'hello' to Liam. I leaned against the island counter.

"Liam please be reasonable," Harry started. "I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding."

This is exactly how all the conversations start. Harry apologizing for me, Liam putting down more rules, me moving back in, me breaking rules, and right back to Harry's flat we go. It's an unending circle. Trust me I've tried to break the cycle, but it just never happens. 

I'm immobile to listen to rules. Any type of rule enters one year and goes directly out the other. 

"Liam, please--. Liam? Liam?!" Harry shouted into the phone, but I already knew what happened. Liam hung up on Harry, which means Liam's serious. I'm not allowed to come back.

I'm fucked. 

"I told you," I said to him as I let my head fall on my open palm. 

Harry exhaled, dropping his iPhone to the counter. "Niall I would let you stay here, I would but I'm already packed. Louis comes and goes almost every night now, Zayn is distant but I hope to god he's looking for a flat. Then I have everyone else."

"Harry, I'm not asking for a place to stay."

"Then where are you going to go? Management will kill you if you leave the city."

"Well then let them kill me. I'm going back to Mullingar until I find a flat." Or until I find the money to pay for a flat. But I didn't tell him that part, then again Harry was very good at reading me.

"Niall you can't afford a flat. It's alright, we'll be leaving for tour again and--."

"I don't think Simon will let me on tour, especially of what happened last time."

"He'll understand. Niall you still have fans, and those fans will be crushed if you're not on tour." 

"I know, but right now I'm not really in the position to be making my own choices." 

"I wish--," started Harry but Louis walked out of the guest rooms. A towel hanging around his waist, his hair wet. 

"Niall? Let me guess, you had another go with Liam?" He walked closer and into the kitchen. Reaching for an apple in the fruit basket he waited for me to reply.

"Yea, and I don't think there's anyway to make things better."

"I've already tried to talk to him," said Harry.

"And he still won't reason?" Louis lifted an eyebrow. "You've really done it, Niall."

"Ugh, I know Louis," I dropped my head into my hands. "I know. And right now I need to find a place to stay. Forget what I said about earlier, going back home. My mum would kill me after I tell her why I'm in Ireland." 

"You need a place?" Louis questioned and I looked up at him.

"Yes, you've got a place?"

"At my flat? Fuck no, unless you want to deal with Eleanor, then be my guest. But Harry," he started. "Didn't your sister find a place in Birmingham?" 

Harry's face lit up. "I thought management wouldn't want me leaving the city," I interjected.

"Birmingham is only an hour and a half by train," said Louis. "Why did your sister leave there anyway?"

He rolled his eyes, "She complained that it has ghosts. Whatever Gemma is childish. But Niall I've been there, and it's really nice."

I exhaled. "Alright get me the address, I'll take the train later today." 

"We'll go with," Louis smiled, crossing his arms.

"Great," I muttered. "So, ghosts eh?" 

Harry nodded, "Whatever, nothing to worry about."

I didn't worry, but as I bite my bottom lip I couldn't help but wonder if this so-called ghost would mind my drug-induced fucking all night. I guess I'll have to find out. A smirk landed on my face just by the thought of it.

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