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We all have our problems and with ours we need each other in order to solve them. We need to help each other, we need to understand each other. We need to love each other, make each other feel one another. Another. Other. Kiss me Niall, please, because there won't be another. Love me Niall, please, because I need to feel your touch before I go.


14. Chocolate

I crashed her into the wall. My hips hard against hers, as I felt myself get tighter, gripping onto my jeans. I groaned against her mouth, not wanting to let her taste leave my tongue. I ripped at her dressed, feeling the back of it with any type of zipper. I finally found it and placed her arms around my neck, letting her tongue run along my bottom lip.

Fuck, how does she do this to me? 

I was getting so distracted, so lost that I didn't even feel her disappear. I opened my eyes and watched as she fell back against the wall as I stood against the opposite wall. She placed a playful smirk on her lips before she turned her body and went further into the apartment. 

I would be lying if I told you I didn't sneak her out of her own party. I took Liam's car, who I left wide-eyed as he slowly gave me his keys. 

We drove back to the apartment, back to where everything started. I held her hand as I drove, everything finally felt normal.

But why did everything feel so rushed? Moving so fast and unable to make it slow down. In a way I didn't care because I just wanted to be with Ireland, feel her against me like that one time. Make it exciting like that first time. Make it feel like the first time. 

Now Ireland was moving into the kitchen. I followed her seductiveness as I watched her move towards the refrigerator. 

"Would you like dessert, Niall?" She smiled as she reached inside the cold tomb of food items. 

I swallowed, letting her be promiscuous. "Sure," was the only word I could think of. 


She placed various items on the counter and when her back was turned I made my move. I was going to be the one to be the leader. I wanted to take control be the lover as she is the enjoyer. 

I ran my tongue from the bottom of her neck up to her earlobe. She leaned her neck back letting her head lay back on my shoulder. Without removing my lips, I reached for the air-tight bottle, I uncapped it with my thumb and index finger before I shook the bottle. 

I placed the nozzle against her shoulder and let the whipped cream release from the bottle, creating a line up her neck. The same path my tongue has already crossed, but this time covered in dairy softness. 

I used my tongue and ran it again up the length of her neck. Enjoying the mixed taste of her and the cream. She moaned, sending vibrations throughout my lips creating a numbness. I placed the canister back down for just a second as I reached under her thighs and lifted her onto the counter. I turned back and picked up the cream once again. 

I was just about to place the tip to her skin before she tightened her fist around my shirt. I looked up at her as she mumbled words I've never heard a girl spoke to me before. Something I always wished would happen but never would. 

"Be rough with me," she whispered. 

I let my blood rise to the surface as the words sent me over the edge. I let my bottom lip drop, silently taking a deep breath before I narrowed my eyes. Letting the inner darkness arise and with a smirk I ran my hand up her chest and onto her neck. I quickly pushed her down with the strength of my hand. 

I slowed down before she would hit her head on the counter and let her lay back. 

"Don't move," I said sternly to her before letting go of her neck. Her dress has been removed and was laying somewhere in the other room. She was already mostly naked, but I placed my fingers inside the cups of her bra and pulled down, freeing her. She moaned as she arched her back, her nipples quickly becoming heightened peaks. 

I instantly fastened my lips onto her right peak as I let the cream glide over her skin. And then I was gone, she wanted to be rough then it was going to be teasing, unbearable teasing. Teasing that would make her scream, tremble, completely destroy her. 

I went over to the refrigerator and found the chocolate syrup. I popped the cap and she giggled as I let the sticky sweetness fall all over her. 

"You look delicious," I smirked as I dropped the bottle to the floor. 

The syrup made a line up her leg, from her toes to her thigh and I followed the line with my tongue. I've tasted so much of her and I just wanted more and more and more. I slide my fingers around the hem of her panties and slowly pulled them down. 

She raised her hips as I placed kisses on her leg. I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to know what she felt like. I tasted, now I wanted the feeling. 

I let her panties drop to the floor as I wrapped my hands around her ankles and pulled her down. She sat up and I unbutton my jeans with one hand letting them also join the collection of clothing on the floor. I was so hard, so ready. 

I wrapped my arms around her and our lips connected as I pulled her off the counter. We were like puzzle pieces, we went together instantly. She perfectly fit around me, her legs growing tight around my hips, the heels of her feet digging into my lower spine. 

She lifted herself up and down on my cock, pushing her hands in my shoulders. I kept my hands on her ass as she moaned profanities into the air. I brought her closer to my chest, allowing me to suck onto her skin. Creating perfect purple marks of my existence all over her as I walked into the living room. 

I went to the window seat, and soon I was pushing myself in and out of her. We didn't care about the uncovered window. We didn't care about any of that. She arched her neck, exposing so much more skin as I grunted with each thrust. Her hands indented into the glass window, as I got closer and kissed her neck. Creating another one of my perfect purple creations, she moved her one hand and made circles over her clit. 

I pushed her hand away and picked her up again and I sat down on the windowsill as she sat over top of me. I placed my thumb over her clit as she bounced on my dick. 

"Ugh, don't stop," she moaned as her hands expanded over my chest. "Oh, fuck I'm going to come." 

The shivers went all over my body, as I wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her close. "What did you just fucking say."

"N--Niall," she moaned my name. "I'm gonna--."

"Look at me." She was only inches from me and she looked up into my eyes.

"Ugh," she moaned as she kept her steady thrusting. Her eyes closed gently and I placed my hand under her chin and made her look at me. 

"Look at me," I told her again. 

She started to slow, letting her body give into the pleasure. I wasn't going to let it happen. I slapped my hands on her ass and started to thrust roughly and far into her. 

"Oh, oh, oh," she was yelling, making everything seem more quiet. The city, the rest of the apartment, I only heard her. 

I only wanted to hear her. 

I could feel her getting so tight, but yet she didn't look away from me. She looked right into my eyes and I started to move faster. Feeling the desire radiating off her body, I wanted nothing more than for to not forget me. 

Not again. I was going to make her remember me. Even when we are broken and completely away from each other she will remember me. She was already embedded into my memory, but we--the guys--are so easy to be forgotten. 

That wasn't going to happen. 

I made sure of it. 

At the last second when I felt her muscles tighten around me once more I stopped. I picked her up and placed her beside me.

"You fucker," she moaned as she was still not released from her climax. 

I smirked as I crouched down on the floor and in her trembling state I pulled her into my mouth. She trembled as she quickly reached for the ends of my hair, starting her tugs and pulls. I let go of her for just a second as I sucked on my fingers and then slide them into her already wet slit. 

I curved my two fingers, watching her tremble, her toes curling. Her hand collided over top of me, wanting me to move faster, dig deeper. 

So I did. I start to feel her growing, about to burst into pleasure.

Then she moved her hand back into my hair and she quickly pulled my head back by my hair. I would say it hurt if it wasn't so fucking hot. 

"Don't you fucking stop this time," she spoke through her teeth.

I chuckled as I let my lips shake over her clit. "Oh I will." 

"Ni--!" She yelled as I quickly removed myself from her hot chamber. 

She was pissed. She stood up, right in front of me. She looked up at me, and she slapped me. Full force hand over my face, smack. I looked back at her with even more interest. 

"Bitch," I muttered. 

"Dick," she mumbled. 

And talking about that, she reached down and held onto my shaft. I grunted as she tugged, her face grew with anticipation. 

"Now you're going to fuck me," she said again through her teeth. "The right way, and the entire way." 

"What if I don't?" I was pushing her. 

She tugged again. "Don't even start with me." 

She was so intoxicating, wanting, when she was pissed, angry. 

"Oh--Okay," I said, not really able to deal with the tugging anymore. 

She let go of me and started her strut towards the bedroom. She looked back at me once, her already messy hair framing her face astonishingly. I watched her perfect body slowly disappear in the darkness and I followed her. 

When I arrived to the bedroom she was sitting goddess like on the bed, but I wasn't going to let this be a cute sex scene from a movie. 

She let herself lay back and I shook my head. "I don't think so." 

She rose an eyebrow as I reached for her ankle and turned her body over onto her stomach. I got onto the bed, sitting on my knees as I reached for her shoulder and pulled her so her back was touching my chest. I made sure she was unbelievably close as I readied myself. 

I slipped myself into her, moving my hand around her and colliding with her clit. I kissed her shoulder, started to suck as I already felt her growing tight. 

I was thinking about teasing her more, but I didn't want to know my punishment afterwards. So I continued pushing myself into her. 

Her moans were becoming screams and her nails were digging into my hips. She was becoming unbelievably tight and it was hard just to move inside of her, making my own pleasure even more unbearable. 

"Fuck," she muttered. "Right there, Niall. Ugh, right there. I'm so close." 

I kept slamming into her, letting her scream my name. Then she went into silence. I looked as she placed her head on my shoulder. Her teeth were biting down onto her bottom lip. I didn't dare stop. 

"Oh, oh," she screamed as I reached that sweet spot. Her muscles were tensing and releasing around me, making me groan with pleasure. 


She got off of me and pushed me down onto the bed, "Don't be a smart ass." Then she rolled her tongue over the tip of my cock. I rolled my eyes, letting myself fall deeper into the bed. 

She tasted herself on me as she begun to bob her head. Her tongue started down at the base and rolled all the way up to the tip, causing me to groan. 

She looked up at me and smiled. She was thinking of something and for a second I thought she would put me through the same teasing I did to her. 

But then within seconds I could feel myself filling to the top, ready to brim over. Her hand held onto me and began to pump my dick until I was groaning with ecstasy. My eyes were glued shut, my bottom lip caught in between my teeth. Then the release. The utter amazement of being released from the bonds of your own desires. 

I was breathing hard as I slowly opened my eyes. I looked down at her as she placed her finger in the white cum, that covered her breasts. 

"Fuck," I mumbled as I sat up. 

"What's the problem?" She rose an eyebrow.

"Normally girls don't like--."

"I'm not like every other girl, Niall." She sucked on her finger and then looked into my eyes. "I love watching your orgasm. You look so vulnerable." 

I reached for her and rolled her onto her back onto the bed, her giggle illuminating the room. 

"That's because I am," I said. "I'm so vulnerable without you. Afraid you'll just be gone." 

She smoothed her hand over my hair, stopping on my neck. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise." 

"You promise?" 

She smiled as she searched my eyes, "I promise." 


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