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We all have our problems and with ours we need each other in order to solve them. We need to help each other, we need to understand each other. We need to love each other, make each other feel one another. Another. Other. Kiss me Niall, please, because there won't be another. Love me Niall, please, because I need to feel your touch before I go.


6. Breaking Ice

I was sitting in bed, Ireland laying on her stomach flipping through a magazine. It was quiet and I enjoyed basically doing nothing. My iPhone lay on my lap as I went through Twitter like always, but when I was about to send a tweet I heard a noise from the foyer. 

"Do you hear that?" I asked Ireland.

She looked from the door to me, "Yes. Who would--? Niall, don't go, stop."

I got up from the bed, my boxers the only thing covering me as I stepped closer to the door. 

"Niall," she whispered as she now stood behind me, the smell of her even stronger as I opened the door just barely. I peeked out and saw a man, middle-aged, with almost white hair. "Wait, that's my dad."


Instead of answering me she stepped through me, literally, and went out into the living room.

"Dad," she smiled in front of the man, but he stared past her. He didn't see her pretty eyes or flowing hair, but complete blankness. She was invisible to him, but she persisted. "Dad."

I wanted to go out and comfort her, but I knew it would just make everything look even more crazy. 

"Niall, please help me," she said towards me and I bit my bottom lip.

I really didn't want to leave the bedroom and be faced with another issue, but I put my fears aside and opened the door. 

"Can I help you?" I asked the man.

His hand was rubbing the side of his cheek until he looked at me. He stopped and begun to speak, "Who are you?"

"Niall," I said honestly. 


"Oh I'm Ireland's boyfriend," I placed my hand out in front of me for him to take and he did, slowly but he did shake my hand. "You must be her father she's told me all about."

"She has?"

"Of course, but obviously before the accident. I see her everyday, I was just about to head over to the hospital," I placed a smile on my lips.

"Nice coverup Niall," said Ireland and I glanced at her to see her crossing her arms. 

"You were?" 

"Yes," I said back simply. 

"You're naked, Niall," Ireland singsonged behind her father. "This is priceless, the way I've wanted all my boyfriends to meet my dad. Half naked and coming out of my bedroom, this is extraordinary." 

"Let me just get dressed," I started.

"That would be lovely." 

I smiled awkwardly as I walked back into her bedroom, Ireland following me. She was laughing as soon as I closed the door. 

"Shut up," I muttered. "It isn't funny."

"Of course it is," she fell onto the bed. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed."

"Whatever," I reached for a pair of trousers and tee shirt. "Are you coming with?" I asked her as I finished dressing and spoke over my toothbrush.

"Should I come? To meet my actual body?" 

I stopped, realizing that I was actually talking to a ghost. A supernatural being that may or may not be there. "I guess it is kind of weird."

"I'm still going," she smiled as she turned on the soft sheets, looking at me upside down. "Should I go naked?"

She was patronizing me, but I smiled, "Don't tease me."

"You're too easy to tease," she said back. "I'm sure I can make you excited with a simple kiss." 

I swallowed, not wanting her to continue. It's been forever since I touched a naked girl, or any type of girl. "Let's go."

She laughed, "Oh Niall Horan, you are a lot of fun."

I ignored her as I went to the bedroom door and met her father looking at the pictures Ireland placed on the wall. 

"Are you ready?" I asked him and he looked at me and nodded.

"I presume you know where to go," he said placing his hands behind his back. 

"Of course," I simply said. 

I reached for my rental keys as we exited the flat. 

"You aren't English are you?" Her father asked behind me.

"Great way to break the ice, Dad," said Ireland.

"No, I'm Irish," I said to him. 

"You look oddly familiar." 

"Well I'm in a band," I said simply.

"Are you any good? If you are I can bring it up to the studio." 


"Dad owns Paramount Recording Studios. Oh I probably let out that small detail."

My eyes widened, "You think?" I whispered.

"What?" Her dad questioned. 

"Are you part of the Brolin family?" I asked him. covering my ass.

Her father smiled at me, "I'm Jonathan Brolin." 

"Ireland never told me about your family business."

Jonathan exhaled, "That probably because she doesn't like the business as much as I wished she would. She will hopefully one day own Paramount Recording Studios, and I need her too, she's my only daughter. Do you think if I sign you and your band she would be more likely to take the inheritance?"

"For owning a big recording studio he knows nothing," said Ireland.

"I would love to help," I said, "but my band and I are signed to Syco here and to Columbia over in America."

Jonathan eye's grew wide, "Oh, and do you mind if I ask you what band you are in?"

I smiled, "One Direction."

"Figures, I've seen you before. The funny thing is that my daughter can't stand my business but she has no problem finding a successful musician."

"We kind of ran into each other one day."

"Oh?" He looked at me and thankfully we reached the parking lot. 

"It's a long story," I mused. 

"I'm sure I can withstand listening how you met my daughter." He opened the passenger side door and I rolled my eyes.

"Great," I muttered under my breath before I opened my side of the door, Ireland getting into the backseat. I placed my keys into the ignition trying to think of a story. "It was a couple months ago--."

"This is going to be priceless," said Ireland and I looked in my rearview mirror at her and she smiled. 

I rolled my eyes. "We met at a chocolate shop."

"Oh," she whispered behind me and in that second her eyes met mine and it was like breaking the ice all over again.

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