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We all have our problems and with ours we need each other in order to solve them. We need to help each other, we need to understand each other. We need to love each other, make each other feel one another. Another. Other. Kiss me Niall, please, because there won't be another. Love me Niall, please, because I need to feel your touch before I go.


8. Acoustic

"I want to know," said Niall as he placed a bag of popcorn into the microwave. 

"You already know," I said towards him.

"I know only what I read. I want to know," he repeated.

I exhaled, "It was like a roller coaster, a thrill ride. It was like you knew it was going to happen but you didn't know when, where, or how." 

He leaned against the wall and looked at me, "How can I see you?"

He was switching subjects like speed fire. "I don't know, Niall," I answered truthfully. "Why are you in my apartment?" 

If he was going to ask me questions, I was going to ask him questions. 

"I was kicked out of mine. I shared it with Liam," he started.

"Was that the guy who came and beat the shit out of you?" 

He chuckled, "Yea. I have a rough past and went through hell. Unfortunately Liam went with me." 

"What happened?" He shook his head, trying to brush it off. "No, no, no, I want to know." I imitated him and he crossed his arms. 

"Fine," he started. He forgot about his popcorn and sat beside me. "The band got really famous and therefore we all got popular. I let popularity hit me to hard, and started to believe I could do anything and still get the love from the fans. Then I appeared in the newspapers and magazines when I was abusing drugs or when I was too drunk to even walk." 

He looked away for a second then back at me, "It was tough," he continued. "But I let it all take over my life, and soon no one wanted to be around me. Liam only stayed with me because he knew the truth, but I soon could care less even about him. I was completely absorbed by a high and alcohol. Soon I made my only friend hate me. And now I'm here, with you. I don't regret it all, cos if I did I wouldn't be here." 

"Don't you miss them?"

"Sometimes," he muttered. "I miss all of it a lot of times."

"All of it?" I questioned him, looking up at his smooth skin.

"I was temporary removed from the band. They are giving me time to recover, but I think it's just another way for them to tell me I've been replaced."

"Have you?" I started to feel terrible for him. He's been through everything to have nothing.

"I don't know. I try to ignore what's going on with the band. I want to forget the things I've done, but every time I see them on TV or in a magazine, things--memories--rise up in my mind. I hate it and therefore I try not to think about them. I don't sing, I don't do anything that reminds me."

"Would you sing for me?"

He looked at me and begun to laugh.

I rolled my eyes and got up from the sofa. I went over to his belongings still laying in the corner of the apartment. I found the guitar shaped case and pulled the wooden acoustic guitar out. I went back to the sofa, his eyes glued to me. 

I sat down, crossing my legs and placed the guitar in my lap. I placed my fingers over the strings and soon plucked the cords. 

"You play?" Niall questioned. 

"Did you forget," I looked up at him. "My entire family is in the music industry." 

He smiled, before he closed his eyes to my fingers running along the strings of his guitar. Complete silence with only a guitar making acoustic sounds. I watched him as he smiled softly, his eyes still closed as he listened. 

I wanted him, I wanted to be with him. I stopped abruptly and placed the guitar on the floor.

"What--," he started but I cut him off. 

I was soon straddling him as I placed my lips over his. I could feel his smile against my lips as he placed his hands on my hips. 

All I could think about was the bliss. The happiness that he brings me. 

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