In this realistic yet unbelievable story, Parker (A genius teen who is great with technology) and Mark (A harshly bullied teen), who are best friends, have had enough of being bullied, cruelly beaten, and not being able to witness true peace. Witness this heart wrenching story alongside Parker and Mark, as they do what most victims of bullying are not able to do. They fight back, but in the most unexpected way. Watch as these two young teen's imagination become reality, and the bullies sanity is in their hands. Can the outcome of this event justify what they have done? That is for you to decide.


2. Parker - Meltdown

     Parker was 15 and was in the same grade as his best friend Mark. He was immensely smart and had skipped a couple grades. He had found school way too easy. Things that almost everyone in his grade thought confusing or difficult, he thought were the easiest things in the world.

     The guidance counselor had constantly asked him if he would tutor someone. The thing was, he was capable of tutoring, but he was not much with social skills. The only people that he would really socialize with, were his friend Mark, and a couple of other people. Parker might be really intelligent, but he did not care for wasting his skills on school work. What he really loved to do, was work with technology, and machines. He had made several inventions of his own. He sold a few of his little contraptions, and made enough money to build a little workshop and buy lots of equipment. Parker loved making different kinds of robots for certain things. His parents knew about a few of his inventions, but he usually didn't tell anyone much about his inventions other than Mark. 

     He actually didn't wear giant glasses like your typical nerd would. In fact he looked exactly like you and me. He was an average teenager, who just happened to have an above average IQ. He was always trying to make people stop judging him just about how smart he was. He might me a quiet kid, but he had a very big and loud heart. He couldn't stand seeing someone being bullied.

     Parker was not always bullied. He used to be that quiet kid who always sat at the back of the class. He never talked to anybody, and when someone did try to talk to him, he would make up an excuse to walk away. All he wanted, was to keep to himself, and make it through the day. He had no friends, and he thought he would never need one. That all changed one winter's day, when there was a big commotion going on in the gym.


     It was during activity period. At Milburn High, the students have some time after lunch to sit in the gym and do whatever they want. Talk to there friends, text their other friends from a different school. Some people use this time to start problems.

     Parker was sitting on the bleachers all alone, when he heard yelling and crying coming from the bleachers a little to his left. He looked over to where the sound was coming from, and his heart sunk. The bullies of the school were hitting on Mark again. It seemed as if they were always picking on Mark. Parker actually thought Mark was a pretty nice person. He used to be very lively, until a couple of years ago. He stopped being so happy when the bullies of the school wouldn't leave him alone.

    Parker watched as Adam would get up in Mark's face, and yell at him, calling him some "not too nice" names. Telling him he was useless, and he was a waste of oxygen. Adam was crying even louder now. Parker always wondered where the teachers were when things like this were going on. It seemed as if the teachers were there to witness small things, but when it came to something serious like this, they were never there. 

     There were several bystanders watching, not daring to step in and help Mark. No matter how badly they wanted to. They didn't want to be targeted by the bullies. Parker started to frantically look around the gym for a teacher. He couldn't see any, so he took a deep breath and stood up. He had seen enough. He didn't care if people started to bully him. He wouldn't be that coward that always hid in the corner. 

    He started to slowly walk over to where the bullying was taking place. There came a slap, as Adams hand came down and smacked Mark on the side of the head. Mark yelped in pain and tried to crawl up higher and farther up the bleachers, but he bumped into more kids. One of them pulled their foot back and kicked Mark hard in the ribs making him fall down the bleachers back to where Adam was.

    "Stop your crying like a little baby and look at me. Be a real man." Adam yelled, veins popping out of his neck. Noticing that Mark was not going to stop crying, he raised his hand, balled up in a fist. Like a Cobra coiling up, ready to strike again. Mark, was holding his ribs now. Rocking back and forth, muttering something under his breath.

    Parker started to take longer and faster strides until he came into the circle of the bullies surrounding Mark. There came gasps from the crowd that now started to encircle the action. Adam was about to let his fist fly, when Parker walked up to him, and grabbed his arm with a death grip. Parker was beyond angry. He was furious. All he wanted to do was punch Adam straight in the face, but he knew that it would make him look bad as well, so he didn't.

    Adam was caught by surprise from the strength holding his fist back, and turned to face Parker. Fire in his eyes. He looked like a wild animal not wanting anyone to take his prey away from him. Parker did not back down. He might have been a lot smaller than Adam because of his age, but he was too angry. He didn't even flinch. His adrenaline was rushing now. His blood pumping through his veins so fast he could feel it. It gave him strength that he otherwise would not possess.

    "Leave him alone. He didn't do anything to you, so I will advise you to step away from him unless you want there to be a problem." Parker declared. He was so angry now, his glare could kill someone. Adam, trying to free his arm, swung his free one around for a punch. This just made Parker more furious, and he caught Adam's fist in the air.

    There was now fear in Adam's eyes. He realized he was no match for Parker when he was so angry. Parker, more mad than ever, started to squeeze Adam's fist in his hand, and Adam yelped. Parker could feel Adam's fingers popping under the pressure of his hand slowly closing tighter on his fist. Adam's knees were bent, ready to collapse any second from the pain.

    "Are you going to leave him alone now?" Parker asked, not letting his grip on Adam's fist loosen, but also not making it tighten any more. Some of Adam's goons started to move in on Parker, but they stopped when Adam told them not to come any closer.

    Parker's fist started to tighten, but when they stopped, he loosened it a tad bit. Adam's voice was now cracking from the pain, and tears were now starting to trail from his eyes. He screamed yes, and Parker quickly let go of Adam's fist. When he saw, what he had done to Adam's hand, his stomach turn.

    Adam's fingers were bent inward, unnaturally, and were purple. The pounding in Parker's ears subsided, and he immediately felt sorry for what he had done. Adam turned to Mark, and he said with clenched teeth, "This is not over. You better watch your back." And he walked out of the circle with his friends following behind him, pushing everyone out of the way. Parker walked over to Mark and helped him to his feet.

    "Are you okay? Did they hurt you badly?" Parker asked, his voice shaky. Mark was breathing hard, almost panting. He was holding his hands to his ribs. And he didn't answer. "Here. Let me bring you to the nurses office." Parker said, wrapping his arm under Mark's armpits, supporting him. They started to walk towards the door leading out of the cafeteria, and they were surprised when all of the students in their way moved to the side and left a path to the door. They made their way to the nurse's office with Mark leaning his weight on Parker.

    When they got to the nurse's office, Mark was brought over to the little hospital bed they had in the room. Mark was grunting and he was breathing abnormally.

    "What happened to him Parker?" The nurse asked.

    "Adam was bullying him, and he was beating on him. When Mark tried to get away, one of Adam's friends kicked him in the ribs. He probably broke one of his ribs." Parker said talking really fast. The nurse walked over to Mark, half listening to what Parker was saying.

   "Mark, I am going to lift your shirt to check if there is any bruising." The nurse said to him with the most soothing tone she could muster. As she went to grab at the bottom of his shirt she accidentally brushed her finger on his ribs, and he yelled in pain, fresh tears dampening his face once again. He grasped at his ribs once more.

    Parker wanted to look away from it, but he couldn't. The nurse apologized and tried to get his hands away from his ribs. He didn't want to remove them, so all he did was grunt and shake his head. She quietly talked to him in a soothing tone, trying to persuade him into removing his hands from his side. Eventually he did, and she was able to lift his shirt from his ribs.

     It was horrible. There was a huge black spot on the left side of his ribs. You could see Mark's chest moving up and down at a quick pace, due to his breathing being labored. It hurt him every time he took a breath. The nurse, gasped and covered her mouth.

    "Parker? Do you know the number for the hospital?" The nurse asked, heading over to the freezer to get an ice pack.

    "Yes I do." Parker replied, his heart pounding.

    "Then I need you to call for an ambulance." The nurse said. Also grabbing some sterilizing spray and a bandage for a cut that just started to leak blood from Mark's forehead. She went up to him, and told him the spray was going to sting, but it was going to disinfect his cut. He nodded his head, and she sprayed it on his forehead.

    Mark didn't react. He was already in so much pain. She took the bandage out, and put in on his cut.

    Parker picked up the phone, and dialed the number to the hospital. They answered after two rings, and asked how they could help.

    "Can you send an ambulance to Milburn High immediately? A boy has been beaten up by another student." 
     The person on the other line yelled something to someone in the background. "God. That's awful. They're heading over as we speak. "

     "Okay. Thank you." Parker said and hung up.


     Parker was regularly bullied like his friend. It was all because of how smart he was, and the fact that he stood up to the bullies. He was constantly trying to figure out a way to get them back, because he knew he was better than them. He was smarter than them, so he could use that to his advantage. He did managed to get them back a couple weeks ago.


     Everyone was sitting at lab tables leaning their heads in their hands. Daydreaming about anything other than what was going on in class. Mr. Holler was at the board explaining about chemical reactions. Parker and Mark were not paying attention to what he was saying. They were too distracted by what they were about to do.

      They were in the middle of a lab experiment with chemicals. Parker and Mark were lab partners as always. They did all their labs together, because they were the only friends each of them had. They had always wanted to get back at Adam's group of bullies, and they had finally came up with how they were going to do it.

     Parker and Mark were sitting in their seats, squirming with anxiety. They waited "patiently" for Mr. Holler to finish his lecture. When he was done talking, they went back to the lab. Parker was very good in science. He even knew some things Mr. Holler didn't know. That was a great skill to have, as will be shown soon. 
     Mark was reading the instructions to the lab, while Parker started to measure the chemicals needed for the experiment. When Parker got everything measured out, Mark went to get some beakers, and other important instruments needed for the experiment. While he did that, Parker reached into his pocket, and pulled something out. It was a little clear crystal. Parker was relieved, that it was fine, and he put it back into his pocket. That crystal was very important. Parker had found out what chemicals were going to be used in that days experiment, so he could figure out how he and Mark were going to get back at the bullies.
      The crystal Parker was secretly carrying in his pocket was a solution that he had made himself. All he had to do was get to Adam's experiment. One very important thing that the plan relied on, was that Mr. Holler would leave the room.
      Mark got back to the lab table with his hands full. Parker reached out and grabbed some of the things in Mark's hands so he didn't drop anything. Parker carefully arranged everything, so they knew where everything was. Then, the one thing that they were both mentally wishing for happened.
     "Alright everyone. I have to go to the restroom, so while I am out of the classroom, I want you all to stop working on your experiments incase something happens." Mr. Holler explained. He put Mark in charge, and left. Parker's heart was racing with excitement. This was perfect. He looked up from the experiment, and met eyes with Mark. Mark nodded to him, and Parker did as well. It was time.

     "The bullies' attention was not directed at their experiment, because they were to busy picking on a kid with over large glasses. They were debating if they should call him four eyes, or six, because they believed the size of his glasses were fit for two pairs. Parker felt bad for the boy who was being bullied, but he had something more important he had to do. He slowly started to walk over to the bullies' lab table, hand in pocket.

     No one seemed to notice he was sneaking over there. When Parker was about five feet away from their table, one of the bullies spotted him.
     "Hey Adam. Look. It's dork face." He said pointing to him. Parker quickly pulled his hand out of his pocket, and froze in his tracks. Adam turned around, and smiled his perfectly evil smile. His teeth were completely straight, and white as pearls. No matter how, "perfect" his smile was, it was still the smile of the devil. Parker now started to sweat. He tugged at the collar to his shirt with shaky hands.
     "Well, well, well. Look who we have here." Adam said to him, slowly making his way over to where Parker was standing. He put his face right up to Parker's, glaring at him with his fiery eyes. "What's the matter Parker? Are you scared?" Adam asked, obviously noticing Parker acting very nervous. Most people thought that Parker wasn't afraid of Adam, but the truth was, he wasn't afraid of him, he was terrified of him. He just didn't completely show it. If it looked like he was, he would cover it up with a smart remark, to make it look like he was confident in himself.
     "No. It's just your breath. It's awful. It could kill a horse." Parker said, side-stepping to his right, closer to the experiment. Adam, who was obviously annoyed by Parker's comment, scowled at him. Not moving, Adam said,
     "What a smart remark" He said, making sarcastic quotes with his fingers at the word "smart."
     "Why don't you shut up and listen. You think your better than me." Adam started to move closer to Parker. Parker slipped his hand inside his pocket. "The truth is... Your not! Do you understand me? I can mess you up. You better watch your mouth." While Adam was saying that, Parker was starting to slowly back up towards the experiment. He slipped his hand out of his pocket, with the crystal in it. He finally got to the point, where his back was pressed to the edge of the table.
     "Says the person who had deformed fingers, thanks to me. You might think your better than me, but the truth is, I'm not afraid of you, and I will always be better than you. Are you wondering how? Well, the answer is very simple. I'm not a jerk to everyone." Adam kept moving towards Parker. Adam was starting to get frustrated. He knew he wasn't able to outsmart Parker.

     All Parker needed was for Adam to look away, so he could slip the crystal in. He looked over to Mark. Mark understood what Parker wanted, and he cleared his throat. Adam looked over at Mark. Parker quickly slipped the crystal in the experiment.

     "Adam. Do you want me to write your name down, and tell Mr. Holler you were being very naughty when he was gone?" Mark asked in a mocking kind of way.
     "Shut up Mark. No one cares what you think." As he said this, he walked over to his friends anyway. Parker let out a breath that he had been holding in. He walked back over to Mark at their lab table. He glimpsed over his shoulder over at Adam's experiment. Little bubbles were starting to make their way up to the surface of the solution. Parker turned his head back facing to where Mark was, and he smiled.
     The kid Adam, had put in charge of watching for the teacher, yelled out that Mr. Holler was coming back. He ran back over to the Bullies' lab with everyone else. They all watched the door, while Parker watched the beaker with the experiment in it. More bubbles were starting to go to the surface of the liquid. Parker smiled again. It was going to react just in time. He looked over to Mark and gestured for Mark to get closer so he could whisper something to him.
     "It's going to happen at the perfect time." He said to Mark. Mark smiled and nodded his head. Parker chuckled to himself quietly. The bullies were oblivious to what was going on. Finally Mr. Holler walked into the room, and sure enough, there was a bang, and the bullies' experiment erupted into the air. Everyone screamed, while, Parker and Mark looked at each other and laughed quietly. Mr. Holler, who was now enraged, walked over to Adam's table, and stood there, hands on his hips. Adam and his friends were covered with their experiment. The whole experiment had exploded into foam.
      "Adam had a puzzled look on his face. Then he looked at Mr. Holler, and noticed how angry he was. 
     "Didn't I tell you not to continue with the experiment without me being in the room?" Mr. Holler exclaimed. "Now look at this mess. You are going to be responsible for cleaning it up." Mr. Holler said to the bullies.

     "B...but I don't know how this happened. We weren't working on the experiment." Adam said. Now "he" was getting nervous.
     "Okay then. Kara? Were they working on their experiment while I was out?" Mr. Holler asked, gesturing to a girl with jet black hair, and who was wearing a bright pink sweatshirt. She was bullied by them in the past, so she didn't hesitate before she answered.
     "Yes they were. We told them not to, but they didn't listen." Kara said with a highly convincing voice. Mr. Holler turned around to Adam again. Kara gave Adam a mean look, and turned to face her partner.

     "You will pick it up immediately, and you will have to make it up after school. All of you. Now get to work." Mr. Holler shouted at them. "What a mess." He said waving his hand in the direction of the mess. "The rest of you, get back to work." Parker and Mark got their work done quickly, quietly laughing to themselves.

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