In this realistic yet unbelievable story, Parker (A genius teen who is great with technology) and Mark (A harshly bullied teen), who are best friends, have had enough of being bullied, cruelly beaten, and not being able to witness true peace. Witness this heart wrenching story alongside Parker and Mark, as they do what most victims of bullying are not able to do. They fight back, but in the most unexpected way. Watch as these two young teen's imagination become reality, and the bullies sanity is in their hands. Can the outcome of this event justify what they have done? That is for you to decide.


1. Mark - The "Accident"

     It was an ordinary day at Milburn High. It was a hot summers day, and the sound of birds singing their cheery tune filled the air. The sun was shining down on the students, who all wore shorts and a T-shirt. The bell had just rung and all of the students were hurriedly making there way through the stampede of teenagers trying to get to their lockers.

     Mark was 17 years old and he was a junior at Milburn high. He was not really what you would consider popular. In fact he was frequently bullied. It seemed as if he was constantly bullied. He often had to sit down with his friend Parker and talk to him about the bullies. The reason that Mark could talk to Parker about it, was because Parker was bullied as well. He was bullied because he was so quite, and he was such a "nerd." That is what seems to be the main reason why he was bullied. Of course Mark knew that it was not his fault.   

     Mark was very tall and slim, and he was not exactly what you would consider athletic. He always loathed Gym class. Students would pick on him because he wasn't capable of doing one pull-up. Whenever they picked teams for activities, he was always chosen last.

     It is the total opposite for Adam, a jock, who always got his way. He played on almost every sports team that our school provides, and is always the first one chosen at gym class. Adam was also part of a group of ruthless and cruel bullies. The people in that group were considered some of the worst bullies. They would target person after person. It seemed like they could always find something to pick on you about. They were the only ones that were "perfect."

     Mark had made his way to his locker and opened the door.  He scanned his locker looking for his gym bag. He found it, and was about to grab it, when the locker door came crashing into his arm. Crunch. The person who shoved the locker door had done it with such force he felt a crack when it hit his arm. Mark screamed in pain, his arm burning red hot as if someone was holding a candle under it. At the spot where the locker door hit his arm it was bent at an odd angle. He looked to his right to see who had just done that to him, but his vision was blurry from the tears welling up in his eyes. Tears or no tears, he could still tell who it was. It was Adam.

     Mark and Adam had gone to the same school ever since kindergarden. Adam had always picked on Mark about everything. Mark blinked out his tears to get a better look at Adam. Adam was smiling like he was proud of what he had just done. Mark knew that Adam didn't care about what others thought. He knew that even now, when Adam knew that he had broken Mark's arm, he would not feel sorry. Mark always wondered how someone could be so cruel.

     Mark turned around and ran. He ran as fast as he could to Mr. Drake's room. Mr. Drake was Marks favorite teacher. He taught english class. Mark was not the smartest kid in the world, so whenever Mark was struggling in class, Mr. Drake would sit down with him, one-on-one, and he would help Mark in anyway that he could. Mark could tell that Mr. Drake really did care about his students.

     Mark had always treated Mr. Drake with the utmost respect. Whenever Mark had a problem, Mr. Drake would be the one he would talk to. It did not even occur to Mark that maybe he should have gone to the nurses office so that she could help him. When he started running he had already set his mind to going to Mr. Drake.

      Finally after what seemed to be hours, which was probably only a minute or two, he reached Mr. Drakes door. Mark could see that he had a class. He didn't care. He reached out for the door handle, turned it, and yanked the door open. He burst inside, and the whole class fell totally silent. Everyone's eyes were trained on the sobbing boy cradling his arm, standing in front of them. It was obvious that they were having a class discussion, because several students still had their hands raised, wanting to add there input to discussion. They were so shocked that they forgot that they still had there hands up.

     Mr. Drake turned to see who had just interrupted his class. He almost looked upset that someone had just barged into his room right in the middle of a class. The moment he saw that it was Mark, his expression changed to a look of concern. He noticed that he was cradling his arm and immediately stood up, letting his book that he was holding fall to the floor. He put Zack, a pudgy boy, in charge, and started walking towards the door. He gestured for Mark to follow him, and Mark and him walked out without saying a word.

     "What happened?" Mr. Drake asked Mark. He knew that Mark was a major target for the bullies. It angered him, that some people could be just so full of hate and cruelty. Mr. Drake also knew that Mark was not the only one. There were several students that would go up to him seeking advice on what to do when they are bullied. If they went to another teacher, he would know because the other teachers are always mentioning that poor kid that was constantly being bullied that came to see them.

     It seemed to him that whenever a student would come to him to report a student for bullying, it was always a certain few students that were the bullies. It was always that handfull of students that were being reported.

     "It.....was..... Adam." Mark said between sobs. Mark was not crying mostly because of the pain, but because he was fed up. He was just going crazy. He could not have a single peaceful day at school. He was constantly having to worry that Adam was just going to pop out of nowhere, and give him a black eye. The only time that Mark felt any security at school was when he was with a teacher, or if Adam was not even at school. Mark now knew that he had to do something. Or else, it might get even worse.


      By the time Mark and Mr. Drake got to the nurses office, Mark thought that he was going to die from the pain. The nurse had seen Mark and Mr. Drake walking down the hall towards her office, so she was standing right outside the doorway. Mark was relieved that they had finally reached the nurses office. On the way down, students stared at him.

     They were probably feeling sorry for me. Mark thought. Mark did not want anyone feeling sorry for him. He hated it when people felt sorry for him. It made him feel small and helpless.

     "What in the world happened?" The nurse asked walking over to her desk, and reaching out for the phone.

     "I'm not completely sure what happened. All I know is that Adam is the one that did this, and I think his arm is broken." Mr. Drake's voice was shaky. "This needs to stop. I knew that Adam's behavior would get even worse." Mr. Drake's voice changed from a tone of concern to anger. "I will leave you to take care of Mark. I need to go report this to the principle." Mr. Drake said this and turned to leave.

     "Wait! Stop!" Mark yelled. He did not want people to think that he was a tattle tail. Kids, nowadays tease you about everything. "Don't go and tell."

     "And why shouldn't I go tell the Principle. This is not something that should go without being dealt with Mark." Mr. Drake was getting a bit impatient. All he wanted to do is help the poor kid, but when he is about to help him, Mark always tells him not to. He would not leave this be. Adam went too far this time.

    "I don't want him to feel the satisfaction of knowing that it bothers me. Besides, people will just have one more thing to pick on me about." Mark was desperate now. He did not want Mr. Drake to report it. Mark also knew, that no matter what he said to Mr. Drake, he would still report it. "Never mind. You can report it." While Mr. Drake and Mark had been yapping their gums about reporting Adam, the nurse took the phone and called Mark's Mother.

     The nurse waited a bit until someone with a sweet voice answered the phone. "Hello?"

     "Hi Mrs. Abbit. There was an incident today that involved Mark. Is it possible for you to bring him to the hospital. It looks like he has a broken arm." There was silence on the other end of the line. The nurse waited patiently for Mrs. Abbit to answer. Finally, after the long pause, Mrs. Abbit replied.

     "Yes I can do that. I will be there in about five minutes." The line went dead, and the nurse hung up as well. The nurse explained to Mark that his mother would be there in a short while. Mark was relieved that he was going to the hospital. Maybe they would give him something for the pain.

     The pain in arm had almost become unbearable. He was cradling it like a baby, completely vulnerable to the world. His teeth were clenched so hard that his jaw began to ache. It felt like he had millions of small needles stuck in his arm. Whenever he looked at his arm, he immediately had to look away. It looked really.....well...awkward. Where the bone was  broken, his arm was totally out of shape. it bent in the weirdest angle.

     The nurse walked up to the mini freezer in the corner of the room,  pulled out an ice pack, and offered it to Mark. Mark took the ice pack and tried to place it on his arm where it hurt the most. When he placed the ice pack on his arm, pain shot up his arm and he yelped. Just the slightest amount of pressure hurt it. Mark put the ice pack on the nurse's desk, mentally saying every swear in the book. He waited, sitting in immense pain, for his mother to arrive.

     Finally, (pain seemed to make time go by slower), his mother walked in with Mr. Drake following right behind her. Mark's Mother had a look of anger and worry in her eyes.

     "What in the world happened, and why is it that you need to go to the hospital?" Mrs. Abbit questioned. No one had to answer her question because she looked at his arm and her face changed into a expression of horror. "Oh my God. Get in the car right now. She turned around and started out of the nurses office.

     Mark got up and started walking out to the car. When Mark got to the car, his mother opened the door for him and closed it when he got in. She walked to the other side of the car and before she climbed into the driver's seat, Mr. Drake came bounding out of the school towards the car.

     "When you get to the hospital, if you can, please keep me posted. I would like to know, how he is." Mr. Drake told Mark's mother.

     "It's ok Mr. Drake. It's  just a broken arm. There is no need to make such a fuss over it." While she was saying this was glaring. Even when she said it herself, she knew it was not "just" a broken arm.

     "The reason why I am making a big deal out of this, is because this should not have happened at all." There were small flames of hell in his eyes. They flickered with fury. Mark knew that he shouldn't argue with Mr. Drake any more. So he nodded his head and waited for his mom to get into the car.

     When his mother got into the car, she put the key into the ignition and started the car. His mother shifted the car into drive and they drove to the hospital. Mark waited for them to get there cradling his arm, tears of pain streaking down his face like little stars dropping out of his eyes.




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