An Angel in Hell

My name is Zachary Jay Bell, but this story isn't about me. This story is about the love of my life, and the one I am soon to join, Daniel Kay Montresor. Dani is no longer with us. But I figured you should hear his story, one that no one else can, before I leave.

Dani was the son of Pastor John C. Montresor, of St. Peter's Church, the most respected man in the small town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

I will try my hardest to tell you the story through his own eyes. He would have wanted it that way.


1. Prologue

Growing up on Dartmouth was fun until I hit puberty. My dad and I have been the only ones in my house since my mother left us for 'a better place'. Better place my ass she is six foot under, and my idiot father thinks she's in heaven with God.

I know he means well, and I know he believes in the place, but I cant help but doubt it. My father is Paster Montresor. The most revered and feared man in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Being his son and not being able to tell him that I don't really believe is a livin hell, scratch that being his son and being attracted to men is a living hell. Its a good thing there arent any guys uphere like me, he might have a heart attack.

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