One Direction Imagines

If you would like a 1D imagine, look at the first page of the movellas:) The details of what to comment is on there:) My friend, Hannah, is a writer for this movella with me. The ones she wrote are going to be signed at the end with ~H, and the ones I wrote will be signed with ~M.
Thanks for reading and please comment!:)
~M (Meg)


2. Sarah and Harry:)


     Y/F/N= your friend's name
Y/O/F/N= your other friend's name

Y/F/N☀- heyz Sarah! Wanna go hang out tonite? xx

You- yeah, totally!! Where r we going? xx

Y/F/N☀- the club😉 @8. Y/O/F/N and I will pick u up @ around 7:55

You- omg yes! Ok, see u soon! xx

Y/F/N☀- kk, ttyl xx

   It was an ordinary Friday afternoon and you were at home chilling like any other teen.  You were so excited about tonight!!! eek!!! What to wear, what to wear.... Aha! You got a short black dress and some silver heels out of the closet and set them on your bed. You grabbed a shower and them did your makeup and hair. Before you left your apartment, you took one more glance in the mirror to see if everything is perfect. You smiled, pleased with what you were wearing and texted Y/F/N.

You- hey, ready! Can't wait! xx

Y/F/N☀- ok! Down the street. xx

    You see Y/F/N pull in front of the apartments, locking the front door securely.  You got into the red mustang saying, "What-up girl friend?" smiling. " *laughs* nothing. Going out with my bestie!" You
Both laugh and headed towards the club. When you got there, it was already packed like nobodies business! You and Y/F/N walked in, greeting a couple of friends until you see someone familiar out of the corner of your right eye. You didn't turn around do see who it really is, bit you just kept peeking out of the corner of your eye. About 30 minutes passed and he was getting closer and closer. When you were peeking, Y/F/N tugged on your arm and said, "C'mon Sarah! Lets go dance on the dance-floor!" You both quickly made your way over and started doing random dance moves, moving sit the best of the song being played. An hour past and you were completely hammered,
No joke. You were still dancing with your friends when a slow song came on and you felt someone behind you. You quickly turned around because you were startled and your eyes met with the most beautiful green eyes. "Hello beautiful, d'mind dancing with me?" the boy said with a thick, husky British accent. Of course you said yes! Who wouldn't?! As you were slow dancing with him, you were thinking, "I KNOW I've seen him from somewhere, but I don't know where!" Those type of thoughts kept lingering on you mind. an our of dancing with the guy passed and then you heard, "We have to go Sarah. It's getting late and Y/O/F/N is getting sick." You looked up at the mystery boy and said a quiet, 'Im sorry' and let go of him. He looked at you disappointedly, but what he did next completely caught you off guard....he kisses you. "Nice dancing with you ma'am." As you were walking away, the boy slipped a piece of paper in your dress pocket without you knowing.

    *the next day*

   You were doing a small load of laundry and you were checking the pockets if the clothes. When you checked your previous nights dress, you pulled out a piece of paper. It said:
   "Dancing with you is fun. We need to do it more often;) here's my number. __________<number< Text me soon babe!
    Harry Styles x

   What the heck?! I knew there was something familiar about him!! And... oh jeez. I kissed THE Harry Styles!!!!!


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