One Direction Imagines

If you would like a 1D imagine, look at the first page of the movellas:) The details of what to comment is on there:) My friend, Hannah, is a writer for this movella with me. The ones she wrote are going to be signed at the end with ~H, and the ones I wrote will be signed with ~M.
Thanks for reading and please comment!:)
~M (Meg)


3. Samiya and Zayn:)


  -Samiya and Zayn-

Wow, you can't believe it, you just left for the one direction concert...that you won tickets and backstage passes to... you're almost there and you are saying  to yourself, "I Samiya Malik am finally meeting one direction..." you are a big fan, but not the stalking, creepy, perverted kind, you just LOVE the boys. You have ever since they were on the x factor, you were a fan from the beginning, and its been a great 3 years. You park a ways away and walk to the stadium. You give the guy your ticket and he lets you through. You find your row, and go to where you should be. It's only about 2:30 and the concert starts at 3:00. "Ok, a half hour," you think, "it's not that long..." well that half hour flew past, so did the concert, it was amazing. Now its time to meet the boys, and you have the biggest grin on your face.  When they were talking and meeting you, you couldn't help but notice that Zayn was looking at you. He glance at you about every couple seconds. It was kinda flattering in a weird way. After meeting the boys, you left after, saying thank you of course. As you were walking back to your car, a bunch of angry teenage girls ganged up on you. You asked them what they were doing to get the response of, "you got to meet our future husbands and we didn't, you're gonna pay," they started beating and kicking you. You were on the ground, as they continued to beat you. Suddenly they all stopped, you heard some yelling but, you were so beat up, you were about to pass out. You felt somebody pick you up. That's when you passed out.  You woke up on a leather couch, bruised, sore, and bandaged up. When you turned your head, you saw none other than Zayn Malik of one direction. He smiled at you as your eyes got a bit bigger and a smile grew on your face. "Hello again" he said in his perfect accent. "If I remember correctly your name is Samiya, right?" You answered back "yes" and "what happened?" When you said this he answered, "well from what I saw you were being beat by my fans..." he said, smile disappearing. All you could remember is passing out in somebody's arms, you hero's arms, he rescued you and you didn't know how to thank him. "I don't know how to thank you, you saved me, and I am grateful to you for that" you said, not exaggerating a bit, he was in your mind a savior. "It as my fault, they were my fans though" he said. "No it wasn't, you didn't tell your fans to do that, they do things on their own. You still saved me, I don't know  how to repay you" you said. "How about you stay at my house for a while, we should get to know each other better" Zayn Malik just asked me to stay at his house... Wow this is a dream come true. "Sure, I'll just have to skip work, let me call my boss, I hope he'll understand..."  Well he wasn't so understanding, you got fired. When you told zayn this, he offered for you to stay with him after what you both called "the kidnapping" eventually you both confessed your love with each other. This happened two years ago. Now you are both in a deep relationship, and Zayn is planning to propose......


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