One Direction Imagines

If you would like a 1D imagine, look at the first page of the movellas:) The details of what to comment is on there:) My friend, Hannah, is a writer for this movella with me. The ones she wrote are going to be signed at the end with ~H, and the ones I wrote will be signed with ~M.
Thanks for reading and please comment!:)
~M (Meg)


4. Nicole and Louis:)


     ~Nicole and Louis~

   You weren't an ordinary teenager, some would say. You were the tomboy that no one really wanted to know. You were the type of girl who loved to read and burry yourself in books and drown yourself in music. You would either always have a book in your hands or earphones blasting in your ears. You were the shy girl who keeps things to herself, but you've always had humor to let a limited group of people see. But all of your ways will change when one day you meet the special someone who will make you have butterflies and make you happy. This is the time you met your Prince Charming.
   It was a normal Saturday afternoon in England. You were out grabbing a cup of coffee at you favorite place, Starbucks! After ordering you coffee, you sat down at a two-seated table by the window - your usual seat.  You pulled out the book you were reading, "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. It was your favorite piece of literature ever and you loved reading it over and over. You've always dreamed of your love life being like a "fairy tale" as in the story.
   You got lost in your book for 20 minutes until you saw someone standing next to you. "Ma'am, here's your coffee," a young man said. You looked up from your book and you felt this weird sensation known as the butterflies. The young man had blue eyes and feathery light brown hair. He had a perfect smile and he was just attractive. "Um, I-I could've gotten it myself, but th-thanks," you said shyly. He laughed at your stuttering and handed you your coffee. "Well, it was ready 10 minutes ago, but you didn't come get it. So I just decided to be a gentleman and get you a fresh cup and bring it to you." "Oh I'm sorry. Thanks so much," you said, picking the cup up and taking a sip. "Your welcome babe," he said, smiling and walked away.
   There was something about him you liked. There is something that just made you smile every time you thought of him. Maybe his smile? His eyes? His kindness? The image of him stayed in your mind all night when you were in bed. The thoughts of him stayed with you, making you dream. He was just perfect.
   On Monday, you went by Starbucks again, your daily task before work. You were hoping he was there so you can get a better look of him. You ordered another cup of coffee and sat down at your usual table and put your earphones in. You heard your name being called because your coffee was done and you grabbed it, along with a paid scone. You sat back down and enjoyed your music and breakfast. You had two hours before work, so you had to take that time to enjoy your morning. You took your book out and started reading from where you left off. Just as yesterday, you were interrupted by someone standing next to you and you looked up. It was him! You got that funny feeling again... "Hey! Do you mind if I sit here?" He said, pointing at the seat opposite from you. "Um, I don't mind," you said in the shy tone. He smiled, sat down, and sipped his tea. "So. I saw you yesterday and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are," he said, making that crooked smile guys do that drives girls crazy. You felt your cheeks starting to burn and you said, "Thank you, I guess." He smiled and chuckled, saying, "So you from around here?" "Yeah, I live in the apartments a few blocks over by myself and a grumpy old cat. He literally acts like a woman on her period 24/7!" "He started to laugh and you smiled. "Well sounds like fun aha." You couldn't help but smile. "I live a few miles out of town." "Wow, that's actually a long way away from here," I said. "Yeah, but I like the drive. D'you work?" "Yeah, I'm 18!" you said,
Laughing. "Yeah, I work at a vinyl shop down the road." "Ah, you like music? That's great! I'm auditioning for the X-Factor in a few weeks, actually." "Wow, nice! I hope you succeed, even though I haven't heard you sing yet." He started laughing again. Wow, I'm on a role, you said to yourself. "Thanks! I'm auditioning with my four buddies, hoping we'll get in as a band. You should come by my place sometime and listen to us play! It's the typical garage band for now." You giggled. "I would love to! Just give me a time and date, I'll be there." "Ok! Great! Well, my break is over so I should be getting back to work. It was great talking to you!" "It was nice talking to you too." "What's your name, by the way?" he said. "My name is Nicole," you said, smiling. "And yours?" "My name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson at your service ma'am," he said, taking a bow. You smiled and he said, "Here's my address and number if you ever want to see us play." He wrote them down and handed you a slip of paper. "Ok, I'll give you mine," you said. You scribbled down your number and handed it to him. "Thanks, Nicole," he said. "See you around." And he left the table.
   Of course you went by and listened to them and you encouraged their urge to go on the X-Factor. You supported them the whole time they were auditioning and guess what? They won!! As they were chasing their dreams, you became closer to them all. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry all became your best friends. You went on your with them and they changed your life. You were no longer that weird girl who was quiet and shy. You were more comfortable with people and you were loud and boisterous, thanks to them.
   One day when they were touring in Paris, you and Louis went to visit the Eiffel Tower. He took you to the top and held your hand while you both looked out into the city. "This is beautiful," you said. He nodded and turned around, facing you. "Nicole, I would like to ask you something." You looked into his shining blue eyes and nodded, "Nicole. From the day I saw you in Starbucks to this very day, I have fallen deeply I love with you. You changed me and you make me very happy by just standing by me. Will you be my girlfriend?" You started tearing up and said, "Yes! Yes I will!" You hugged him right and he kissed you. "I love you too Louis and you've also changed me and and made me happy."
   Two years past and you and Louis were married. He was chasing his dreams and your life completely changed. He made you happy and you made him happy.


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