One Direction Imagines

If you would like a 1D imagine, look at the first page of the movellas:) The details of what to comment is on there:) My friend, Hannah, is a writer for this movella with me. The ones she wrote are going to be signed at the end with ~H, and the ones I wrote will be signed with ~M.
Thanks for reading and please comment!:)
~M (Meg)


5. Hannah and Louis:)

                  Hannah & Louis



                  It's the morning of a lovely Saturday in the summer. It was warm, sunny, and just perfect. Louis was sleeping next to you on the couch and he was snoring LOUD.
   You and Louis have been together for 5 months and you both are loving the relationship. You two were best friends before, but Louis asked you to be his girlfriend on your 17th birthday.  Your folks were out of town and you were left home because you had work. Louis invited you to have a sleep over last night so you weren't lonely that weekend and of course, you excepted! His mum made a delicious supper the night before for you and Louis and you guys had a movie night. You two stayed up until 3 o'clock in the morning, watching your favorite films. You and Louis finally fell asleep and here you are now.
    It was already 11 o'clock! You look over at Louis who was leaning on your shoulder, sleeping. You smiled and tapped his shoulder. "Louis, wake up." He slowly opened his eyes and looks at his surroundings and looked up at you. "Oh hey, Hannah," he said, smiling. "Good morning, Louis." He got up, turned the tv off, and sat back down. "So, what do you want to do today, Hannah banana?" You sat up and said, hinting, "I heard there is a carnival opening down town." He smiled at you and kissed your cheek. "Sure we can go Hannah! Want to go after lunch?" "Sure! I need to shower though," you said. "Ok, you know where the bathroom is?" "Yep." You got up, and grabbed a shower while Louis changes into black skinny jeans, his Superman shirt, and black Vans. You got out and blow-dried your hair and put it up in a messy bun. You then put on your short khaki shorts, a striped tank top, and blue Toms. You walked out and Louis looked at you. "Looking good, Hannah! Looking good!" he said in a singy-songy way. You blushed and put your pjs in you backpack. "Hey let's watch another film! We have a few hours until the carnival starts!" you say. "Ok! Sounds good!" Louis sits down next to you, putting his arm around you while you both watch a movie.
   Two hours past and the movie ended. Louis gets up an stretches. "You wanna go now?" "Of course!" Louis grabbed his keys while you grabbed your purse and headed to the carnival. You two sort all day at the carnival. Since it just opened, they were adding more and more games and rides to the whole carnival. You and Louis went on every single one except the Ferris wheel; Louis wanted to save it for last. It was now 10:00 pm and the carnival crowd was getting thinner an thinner. Before you knew it, you and Louis were some of the few people left. "C'mon Hannah! I wanna go on the Ferris wheel now!" Louis said, pulling you toward it. You two got it and went to the tippy-top of it and stopped. "Wow, it's beautiful," you said, looking out into the city. "It is," Louis said as he put his arm around you. When it was exactly 12 o'clock, Louis looked at you and said, "I love you Hannah and I glad we got to spend this time together," and he leaned in to kiss you. This moment was your favorite as you looked back on it years later.


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