Timey Wimey...Stuff

"B-but Mr. Bow-Tie-Man--"

"It's The Doctor." he corrected.



"Doctor Who?"

He gave me a wide, genuine grin. "Exactly."


4. Wandy-Buttons Thingy

Oh, but the doohickey on my dresser was all too real. All it does is light up and make these annoying buzzing sounds. I've constantly tried to turn it off, but every time I did this stupid green light blinded me.

Eventually, I just shook my head in exasperation, putting the wandy-buttons thingy in my sock drawer. But even now, it just wont stop buzzing. I'm trying to ignore it, I really am. I've been through enough insanity for one day.


You know what? I'm gonna take a shower. A nice, long, relaxing shower.


Grabbing some linens from the closet, I head into the bathroom. I turn the hot water valve up enough so now I can physically see the steam. I pull of my muddy clothes and step into the slightly scalding water. It's as warm as a longing embrace, something I've never really experienced.

I sigh into myself. It's not that I don't like human interaction, it's just... actually, that's probably the reason. I shake my head and roll my eyes.


You can't complain about being lonely when you hate talking to people.


After turning off the water, I pull back the shower curtain and grab my towel. Wrapping it around myself, I grab my hairbrush and open the bathroom door.

Suddenly, a chill comes over me as a gust of wind hits me, blowing my school papers everywhere in the process. The strange sound from earlier today is loud in my ears. I cover them, but it doesn't do much good. Just as soon as the sound started, it stops. The flat is quiet once again... but a big blue box stands five feet in front of me. I hear a door on the other side unlock.

"Well then. What do we have here?"


That voice, I stand frozen, I recognize that voice.


The voice of a familiar stranger. I listen carefully as light footsteps make their way around the structure. Soon enough, Mr. Bow-Tie is standing in front of me. Strange though, his face looks an uncomfortable shade of red as he begins to speak.

"I suppose this is yours," he looks away from me. In his hand is...

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