Timey Wimey...Stuff

"B-but Mr. Bow-Tie-Man--"

"It's The Doctor." he corrected.



"Doctor Who?"

He gave me a wide, genuine grin. "Exactly."


3. I am NOT a Stalker

It's two minutes until the start of my last class and I am already wanting to gauge my eyes out.

"And so I told her, 'Janine, stop acting crazy. Boys never go for..." Mary Elizabeth babbled on and on; everyday is the same.

"Wow," I reply in monotone.

"I know! And don't even get me started on how crazy Luke has been acti--"

"Good evening, class!" Mr. Simmons steps into the room, greeting us cheerfully.


Thank the LORD, I think to myself, now Mary Elizabeth with SHUT. UP.


"Since today is Friday, I've decided that it will be best if I push your test until next Tuesday. Feel free to utilize this time for studying, or talking, or whatever you young adults do nowadays."

Just before Mary can get started, I run up to Mr. Simmons' desk.

"Is is okay if I leave now? I'd much rather study at home."

"I suppose," he nods, "have a wonderful weekend!"

"Thank you, sir," I head briskly for the exit.

"I expect good grades next week!" he calls from behind.






The London air is chill as it whips my hair around in curly blonde wisps. I walk the street of grey, ignoring the passerby. I mean, it's not like they're doing anything. After all, this city is so dull. The buildings are dull, as are the people inside of them. Everyone is the same; there's no individuality. And I don't expect it to change, but I just can't leave.

Of all my twenty-one years of life, all I've ever lived for is the stars, and the school that I'm currently attending has the best astronomy program world-wide. Not to mention, there's a 100 year-old comet that will be soaring through the sky Friday of next week.

I smile to myself; I can hardly bare the idea. That comet will be the launch of my career. After that, it's off to traveling the world, one country at a time, charting stars and further developing telescopic science. The freedom, the adventure! Perhaps I could even visit my parents?

Caught up in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed the person running into me. I fell back and onto the ground, my bum landing with a very-- ehem-- loud thump. My curls fall into my face, masking my embarrassment form the world.


"Oh dear! My apologies. Here," a reached out to me. I gently take it as the person helps me to my feet.

"I'm so sorry," I begin adjusting my hair, "I was just so lost in thought that I..." I trail off. In front of me was a man. A tall, slim, strange looking man. Well, I wouldn't exactly call him strange, but he certainly was... different. He's dressed in old man's clothing, a nice little bow-tie, but-- most interesting of all-- he has a cheery grin on his face ashe wipes off his coat.

"You know, they say we only become lost in thought because it is an unfamiliar place."

"Who are they?" I ask curiously.

"Hmm, I'm not quite sure but whoever they are, they're very wise."

"Indeed," I grin.


We stared at each other for a moment before he spoke up.


"Excuse me, but have we met before?"

"Certainly not. I would remember you."


His smile twitched.


"My! Look at the time. I've got to get going or I'm going to miss the T--" he cut himself short, looking at me, "thing. Or I'm going to miss the thing. Well then, off I go!" He begins to rush away when something clinks out of his pocket. A strange device it is, what with it's many buttons and lights.

I pick up the gadget carefully. Thought I can't really tell what the thing is, that man probably need it. I turn around to find him half-way down the street.

"Uhm, sir?" I call after him, getting no response. "Excuse me!"

I walk after him, having to run just to keep him in sight. As I approach the end of the lane, my eyebrows pull together in confusion; this isn't another road. It's a dark, wet, deserted alley way. I grip the object tightly against my chest.

"Mister Bow-Tie man?" I call, my voice echoing in through the dark. I squint into the darkness, just barely making out the man in the tweed coat.

"Excuse me!" I jog blindly into the alley. As I get closer, I can see a tall, shadowed figure-- very box-like-- centered in the street. The man climbs into it, shutting the door seconds before I can even brush the handle.

I look up to the sign displayed on it. It reads, "Police Public Call Box."


Oh no. Is he making a call to the police?


Does he think I'm stalking him? Or that I stole his little device?



This is what I get for trying to help people.


I lean against the booth, waiting for him to finish the call; I really need to straighten this out. But I didn't have to wait long. The box begins to make weird, foreign sounds, and I no longer feel it behind me. I fall bum-first into a mud puddle, and when I look up... the box is gone.

"B-- But it was just..." I shake my head, standing up. "I... think I need to go home."


This can't be real.

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