i wont give up on us

Erin is just an ordinary teenage girl trying to find her place in the world other than the soccer field. Everything changes when she bumps into One Direction. The next thing you know, she might be dating one of them.


3. The question

At the hospital, we really got to know each other. We got home and I introduced her to everyone.

"Erin, this is Liam, Louis, Zayne, and Harry."

"Hi" she said in a shy way.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. me and you are going to have to share a room because we only had 5 rooms for us guys."

"I don't mind at all." she said with a smile.

I helped her bring her stuff upstairs because her wrist was broken. I helped her unpack and noticed that she had a lot of soccer related things in her suitcase.

"Hey. Do you like soccer?" And that's when she started talking.

"Yes! I love soccer. I was coming to England to try out for the team here. I had to call the coach of the team and tell him about my wrist being broken. I am missing the most biggest opportunity of my lifetime." she said sadly.

"I'm so sorry Erin. What position do you play?" I asked.

"I'm goalie. I love playing in goal because I'm more in control." she said in an exciting way.

I looked at the clock and it was 10:30.

"I think we should go to bed. I'm gonna go get changed." I said and left the room.

When I got back, Erin was sleeping already. I got in and pulled the covers over us so that we were covered neck to toe. I put my arm around her and fell asleep.

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