i wont give up on us

Erin is just an ordinary teenage girl trying to find her place in the world other than the soccer field. Everything changes when she bumps into One Direction. The next thing you know, she might be dating one of them.


6. The deal

"Niall, what the hell happened at the park?" I heard Harry ask.

"I-I don't know. How did o get from the park to here?"

"Well you told us you were going to the park and you still weren't home at like three a.m., so I went overt and just saw that you were on the ground just lying there."

"Yeah, I know. Some guy took Erin away and I think the guy was her dad." I said in a scared voice.

"Call her and see if she answers."

I dialed her number and all I heard was a scream and than her dad took her phone and said...

"If you want this little slut back, you will have to come to the building and if you love her so much, than you will have to die for her" her dad said.

"If it means I can saver her, than I will."

"NIALL! NO! PLEASE DONT!" Erin screamed in the background."

"I'll be there at 10 tonight" I said.

(6 hours later)

I started walking to the park and sat down thinking that this was gonna be my last time here. It was 9:55. I started walking to the building. I finally got there and her dad was standing at the steps. Erin was on the floor, tied up and bleeding from knife cuts all over her body. I walked over and he put a gun to my head. This was it. I heard the gun get loaded and then I heard the gun shot.

The gun shot wasn't from his gun. I saw the police shooting at the door. They shot her dad in the leg and arm. They handcuffed him and took him away.


I ran over and untied her.

"Don't ever leave me. Okay?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. I realized how much I meant to you because you were willing to die for me" she said and started crying and gave me a kiss and I started rocking her back and forth in my arms.

We went home and saw the guys were already sleeping. I ran her upstairs in the bed with me. I started kissing her neck.

"Niall. I've been through a lot tonight. Can we take a break for a day." she asked in her innocent voice.

"Yeah. I'm sorry." I looked down ashamed at myself.

She laid down and brought her body close to mine and she was facing me. I gave her a long kiss and put my arm around her and we both fell asleep.

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