Changing me


1. Masiell Blake Adams

Name: Masiell Blake Adams

DOB: 5/12/93
Color: teal
movie: magic mike
tv show: Friends
food: pizza
drink: jack and coke
Celebrity: Chris Hemsworth
Song: Autumn Leaves
Singer: Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Cher Lloyd, The Beetles
Place where she lives: Doncaster, Yorkshire, England

Hey Im Masiell. Im 19 and I live in Doncaster. Yeah I know Louis Tomlinson was born here my American friends make a big deal about it but I honestly could care less. I wouldn't say I'm insecure but I also wouldn't say I like my self very much. I have a little brother and his name is Nigel. He is 5 but a brat but I mean I love him with all my heart. My mum is an alcoholic, druggie, and everything else you cam imagine. My dad is in jail for who the hell knows. I pretty much raised my little brother by myself. I wish I could just leave and go to college. I wanna be a journalist but that will never happen unless we win the lottery so I cant get my hopes up....I guess that's it...I don't really like talking about myself.


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