Changing me


3. Chapter 2

I woke up with my arm around Nigel to the sound of my phone going off.
I groaned and reached over Nigel and grabbed my phone.
I looked at the caller ID and it said Mom.
I sighed and answered it.
"Hello" I said in a groggily voice.
"Masiell where the hell are you and Nigel" She sounded angry. Great.
"Don't worry about it we are fine" I said snapping back.
"Tell me where the hell you are you little bitch" Her words stinging me.
I didn't say anything and I was tempting to just hang up but I didn't.
"Ill call the cops if you do not bring my son back" She said sounded even more angry.
"Really cause all the things that you have done to me I should be the one calling the cops on you...especially after
what you did to Nigel" I said wishing I hadn't.
It was silent on the other line for a couple minutes.
"Don't bother coming home...leave your brother at your aunts" she said her voice a little softer.
I sighed and hung up the phone.
I picked up Nigel not wanting to wake him and I carefully carried him outside to the car.
I put him carefully in his seat and I got in the car and started it.
I drove to my aunts house with Nigel still sleeping in the back.
I arrived at her house and I got out walking to the back seat door.
Nigel looked up at me with sad eyes.
I looked down at him and picked him up not saying anything.
"Masi..are you gonna stay with me" He asked his little blue eyes looking up at me.
I didn't say anything because if I did I knew I would let tears escape.
He looked away from me as my aunt walked outside taking him from my arms.
She grabbed my hand.
"I wont let her take him...I promise" she said looking in my eyes.
My face softened as I nodded.
I turned around and walked back to my car.
I leaned up against my car and just let the tears fall.
I was crying because if my mom took him I know what would happen.
He would do or say something and she would hit him or lock him in his room or wouldn't feed him.
I just felt something deep in my stomach that something was going to happen.
I opened my door and got in driving away.
I sped on he highway just trying to get away.
I kept driving and driving
I read a sign in front of me that said "Welcome to London".
I smiled.
I always came to London when I got kicked out.
London was my escape.
I have a flat here.
Its not big but it isn't small.
Its right next to my job.
I work at Jack Wills and my boss knows my situation.
One day I'm just gonna stay here and never go back.
I'm pretty sure that today was that day.

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