Changing me


2. Chapter 1

    "Where's Mummy Masi" Nigel asked me as he laid in my arms in my bed.
I looked at him wishing I had an answer but I don't.
I have no clue where my mum is. I never know where my mum is.
I wish he was older and he understood but he doesn't understand.
What I want to tell him is that his mother is out getting piss drunk then she is going to go
with her druggie friends and go shoot up at some scumbags house
then she is going to come home and scare him then hit me and kick me out.
Its a nightly routine and i'm just so used to it that it doesn't phase me.
I'm usually gone before she gets home but the last time that I did that she beat the shit out of Nigel that he was in the hospital
for a week so I will never do that again.
I really don't want to be here when she gets home.
I look down at Nigel and take him off my lap and I get up and grab my backpack and Nigel's.
I walk over to his little dresser and pack clothes to last him a couple nights.
He watches me as I start to pack  my things.
"Masi where are we going" He asked hugging his sock monkey tightly.
"Um we are going to go to a hotel for a couple nights so mum wont hurt us" I told him still packing.
"Why does mummy hurt us" he asked me.
I completely stopped what I was doing and I turned around and looked at him with a
sympathetic look on my face.
"I don't know Ni" I said walking over to him sitting on the bed.
"Does she love me Masi" he asked climbing over to me.
I put an arm around him and looked down at him.
"Of course she does Ni...don't ever think she doesn't" I told him kissing the top of his head.
Nigel started to get mad and this was normal for him. He got off the bed and stood in front of me.
"No Masi...If she loved me she wouldn't hurt me" he said as a tear falls.
I hate when he cries..when he cries I cry.
I knelt down to his level and wiped his tear.
"Please don't cry Ni" I said kissing his forehead.
He hugged my neck and I hugged him back tightly.
"Ok kiddo...put your jacket and shoes on so we can leave before mum gets home ok" I said motioning him to his coat and shoes.
He nodded and walked over to them.
I stood up and putt my sneakers and jacket on and I grabbed our bags and I waited for him.
He finished and came over to me and held my hand.
I looked down at him and smiled at him reassuringly and I gripped his hand tightly and walked out of the bedroom with him.
We walked to the front door and I grabbed my car keys and I opened the door and we walked out of the house together.
I picked him up and put him in his car seat and I put or bags in the back next to him.
I got in the driver seat and started the car and slowly backed out of the driveway.
We were driving for a while and we finally got on the highway.
I didn't really know where I was going to go but all I knew is that I had to get Nigel out of that house.
So I just drove.
We ended up in Holmeschaple,Cheshire.
I found a nice little motel down the road from this huge ranch and I parked in the parking lot and got Nigel and the bags and rented a room.
Looks like this is where we are going to be sleeping tonight.

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