Forever him


1. It's like...


There I sat, headphones in both ears, as I began writing about everything on my mind. The wind blowing through my hair, every so often making me place it back behind my ear, yeah it got annoying. I couldn't help but smile at all the beautiful memories that were flashing through my mind. Just being under this tree gave me a ton of memories to think about.

The memory where I met him, was by far the best if I have to admit. I cant help but bite my lip thinking about him. He has been on my mind a lot lately, that adorable smile of his, that blonde hair, that contagious laugh, I think im falling a bit too hard for him don't ya think? I remember that time when he found me crying one day, and he somehow made me laugh and forget about it. When I tried walking away one day cause I found out he had a girlfriend, he pulled me back into him, starring into my eyes, telling me that nobody could replace me. Well guess what? His girlfriend found out about that and broke up with him, saying that he was a looser for hanging out with me. But he still chooses to hang out with me no matter what. Right now, at the moment, I cant stop smiling knowing that he is on his way home right now. He is coming back from tour, he says he wants to introduce me to some of his new friends that he met on x-factor.

"His smile? His laugh?" I heard someone speak besides me, I quickly closed my journal looking beside me, I saw him! I immediately wrapped my arms around him, as he hugged back, nuzzling his head into my neck, oh how I missed his hugs!

"Hey Sammi, nice to see you again aye?" he chuckled as we pulled apart. I looked into his eyes, oh  those amazing blue eyes. I bite my lip, reminding me that he wasn't mine... yet anyway.

"Nialler, you have no idea how much I lo- missed you." I corrected, turning a bright red color. I cant believe I almost told him.

"Lomissed?" he questioned as he started laughing "Sammi, I have something to tell you." he said as he pulled me into his arms, both of us looking at each other. It's like... 

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