This is my crazy life (SEQUEL TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE)

My name is Lucy Burnstun and I am 15 years old. My mother Candy is married to my dad Harry styles, yeah I know what you are thinking omg your dad is in one direction. Another note yes one direction is still around just not as popular as when I was little. Well anyway my uncles aka the other members of one direction are my whole life, they are there for me when I am having troubles at school or when I need to just get away from home for a little while. You see I am having a problem now that I can tell anyone not even my uncles thats how bad it is or is it a blessing in disguise? follow me through the journey of my life and the troubles that get in the way.


6. Your incredible


So it was pretty awkward when Zayn and Daniela noticed we heard just about everything that they were doing but hey its human nature right? I chatted with Zayn while Lucy and Daniela talked in the kitchen. I couldn't help but notice a sparkle in Lucy's eye every time that she would look and make eye contact with me. Gosh was she beautiful. 

"Zac did you just hear what I just said?" Zayn asked. I need to stop thinking about her like that she doesn't think of me that way. 

"Huh? oh yeah" I lied 

"Is something bothering you?" 

"Um yeah kinda but you would probably think its weird so I would just ignore it" He looked at me 

"I'm not stupid you like Lucy I can see it in you eyes" Damn he was definitely not stupid thats for sure.

"Yeah I do is that weird cuz technically we aren't related?" He shook his head 

"No its not weird at all. Man I remember my highschool flings" I looked at him confused what does he mean by flings? I have liked Lucy since I met her 3 years ago. 

"What do you mean by flings?" I asked 

"Oh well I mean like I would go out with a girl and well we would" He paused "Never mind" 

"No what would you do" I thought about this for a moment "Never mind I got it, but its not like that with Lucy, she is beautiful and I have liked her for three years" 

"You need to tell her how you feel before she slips away" Zayn and I continued to talk about random things 

He was right I did need to tell Lucy how I felt before she found someone else. I just don't know how I mean what if she doesn't like me back. 



I was occasionally looking over at Zac and I got butterflies every time we made eye contact. I like him a lot but I don't think he feels the same way. I may just as well forget about it as if he would like a girl that had just been rapped. A girl who couldn't even defend herself when she was in a situation like that. 

"Daniela its getting late I think that I am just gunna go lay down" 

"Honey its only two in the afternoon" 

"Oh well maybe I will just go swimming" She nodded and I went and got my bathing suit on. It was a light blue top with dark blue bottoms. ( go to this link to see what she wore and what her hair looks like 

Uncle Zayn said that they had some errands to run and that they would be back around 5 to have dinner. I didn't mind because I wasn't by myself. 

"Hey you wanna come swimming with me?" I asked Zac and all he did was stare at my body. 

"Hey close your mouth your drooling" He snapped out of it and walked with me to the pool. 

I was sitting on the edge when he swam up to me and pulled me into the pool with him. I decided to scare him so I swam to the bottom and felt him drag me up to the surface. 

"I thought you were drowning" I laughed 

"Whats so funny?" He asked 

"Oh just the fact that your gullible" He pulled me close and I looked into his eyes. He face was inches from mine I could feel his breath on my lips. I looked at his lips and back to his eyes. Before I knew it I felt warm lips against mine. 

"Lucy, you are the most incredible girl that I have ever met in my entire life. I have liked you for three years" I had tears welling in my eyes. 

"I like you too Zac, that was the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me" I felt lips once again

"Lucy will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?"

"Yes yes a million time yes" And that ladies and gentlemen was the day that I finally felt like I belonged in this world. 


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