This is my crazy life (SEQUEL TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE)

My name is Lucy Burnstun and I am 15 years old. My mother Candy is married to my dad Harry styles, yeah I know what you are thinking omg your dad is in one direction. Another note yes one direction is still around just not as popular as when I was little. Well anyway my uncles aka the other members of one direction are my whole life, they are there for me when I am having troubles at school or when I need to just get away from home for a little while. You see I am having a problem now that I can tell anyone not even my uncles thats how bad it is or is it a blessing in disguise? follow me through the journey of my life and the troubles that get in the way.


21. Thank you for your concern


"Okay Lucy and Family the babies father is Zac White" I shed a tear at what the doctor said I was so happy. I don't know what I would do if the babies weren't his, I would have to inform chris and I honestly hate him and his sister. 

"Lucy look what we did, they are the most beautiful things in the world." I had barel noticed that Zac was crying. I kissed him and then uncle Zayn came up. 

"May I hold Zayn?" It was weird hearing Uncle Zayn ask if he could hold Zayn but in a way it was nice. 

"Of course you can." He smiled and I handed him the baby. Uncle Zayn sat down and dad came up and stood next to me. He smile while tiny tears fell down his cheeks. 

"Lucy, You will be a great mom and Zac is going to be a great dad" 

"Thank you dad I love you and I know that I am young but I really believe strongly that these things only happen to the best" He chuckled 

"Oh I love you too and you sure did get those wise words from me over the years" I smiled and nodded. 

3 hours later............................

Everyone left about an hour ago so it was just me and Zac. I couldn't go home until tomorrow to make sure I was well enough. 

I watched Zac and Copeland for a moment and then it clicked, this is the boy that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I would not change anything that has happened in the past year even if I died tomorrow. 

"Hey babe why don't you lie down and get some sleep and I will stay up with the babies okay?" I smiled and went to sleep. 


Lucy has been sleeping for about an hour and I love spending time with my new babies. I may be young but I wouldn't want this to change and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. 

"Daddy loves you both to the moon and back and don't you ever forget" I cooed to them while they were silently smiling in their cribs. They were born with a full head of hair and they are the most beautiful things that I have ever laid eyes on other than Lucy. Copeland had fallen asleep so I pick up Zayn and began to rock him gently when an nurse came in. 

"How are you two doing do you need anything?" I shook my head. 

"No but thank you for asking" She smiled. 

"They sure are two beautiful little babies its a shame you two had to have them so young" I frowned at her comment

"I know we may be young but everything happens for a reason and I know for a fact that these two children my babies will have a great life I know you may not think so but I know so" I came off sounding more harsh than I intended to but I had to get my point across. 

"i didn't mean to offend you its just that you two are so young and I know that if I were in your position I would have a very hard time raising two kids" 

"Well we have lots of supports and they will have great lives thank you for your concern but if you will excuse me I think that I am going to get some sleep." She smile and left. i placed Zayn in his crib and I went to sleep and let my dreams take over. 

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