This is my crazy life (SEQUEL TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE)

My name is Lucy Burnstun and I am 15 years old. My mother Candy is married to my dad Harry styles, yeah I know what you are thinking omg your dad is in one direction. Another note yes one direction is still around just not as popular as when I was little. Well anyway my uncles aka the other members of one direction are my whole life, they are there for me when I am having troubles at school or when I need to just get away from home for a little while. You see I am having a problem now that I can tell anyone not even my uncles thats how bad it is or is it a blessing in disguise? follow me through the journey of my life and the troubles that get in the way.


16. I Promise


Lucy and Harry were singing together so I decided not to bother them because she needs this family time more than ever. I want nothing more than to see her happy. I will do anything to keep her safe and keep her from hurting. I was taken out of my thoughts when Harry sat next to me on the plane couch. 

"hey mate why don't you go get some sleep it's late and we have to get up early tomorrow to get off the plane" I nodded 

"Will do, I was just wondering you know about earlier? are you mad at Lucy?" He sighed and motioned me to sit back down.

"Listen Zac I am not happy about what is going on between you two as far as you're being sexually involved in each other but it is bound to happen at some point or another" 

"I will do anything to make her happy and keep her safe I promise" I looked at the ground feeling ashamed that I had potentially disappointed Harry after he put his trust in me. 

"I know you will its just that Lucy is my little girl and always will be, so when I heard that Niall walked in on you two yesterday I got a bit mad and then I realized that my little girl is growing up and is going to start to make her own decisions and that was one of them and I have to except that" I nodded wanting to make him realize that I can and will make him proud to call me his daughters boyfriend. 

"I understand how you feel We will be more careful to make sure that-" he cut me off 

"I don't want to hear how you are going to make sure that no one walks in on you again what I want to hear is you saying that you  two are being safe by using protection. When I was young I was stupid and let a girl convince me that I didn't need to use a condom and we had sex and then I found out four months later that she had been pregnant with my child and decided to abort it without even telling me, you see Zac learn from my mistakes and be safe with my little girl you hear me?" I didn't know any of this about Harry and I bet no one did besides Candy but I mean I will make sure that I keep his promise and be safe. 

"I promise I will be safe but if you will excuse me I think I ought to go to bed, goodnight see you in the morning" He nodded and I went into the bedroom to find a beautiful sleeping Lucy and I am so glad that I can call her mine. 





"Come one Niall it is around 12 at night I am sure everyone is sleeping so please?" She wanted what I wanted but I don't think I could do it right now. I am a bit tired and we do have to be up early in the morning to get off the plane. 

"I don't know Jenn I mean its late and we have to be up early to get off of the plane. Don't get me wrong I want to do it but I just think it may be a bit late." She started kissing my neck and I forgot all of what I just said. 

"Maybe this one time won't hurt" I say and she proceeds with kissing me and taking my shirt off at the same time. Oh how I love this girl I love her to death she knows all the right places that drive me wild. 

"Oh did someone just moan?" 

"Um yeah I did just because you are so fucking hot I can't take it" I just now remembered after saying this that I have been drinking and well when I drink I can get a bit wild. I flipped Jenn over so that she was now underneath me. 

"I think this ought to go don't you?" she nods biting her lip. In one swift motion I take her shirt and my short and throw them on the floor. Planting kisses I make my way down to her hips. I look up to her and she looks as if she is about to burst from anticipation. I literally tear her underwear from her body and thrust myself inside of her. 

"Oh fucking jesus Niall that feels just like a piece of heaven" Jenn didn't really like to swear but when she liked something damn could she swear like a sailor. 

"Someone likes it doesn't she?" I say sarcastically and she nods 

"Oh shit faster Niall i am almost there" i so as she says and soon we both reach our climax together. 

"feels just like the first time" I nod agreeingly

"I love you Jenn" 

"I love you too Niall" I wrap my arms around her and sing to her until she falls asleep. Soon I join her in the peaceful sleep. It has been a wonderful couple of days and I hope it stays like that for a long time. 

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